Joann Dunsing
     As a Hypnotist I assist my clients in reaching your fullest potential.  As diverse people are so are the reasons for coming to me for assistance. Some choose to develop a new eating lifestyle, stop smoking, get relief from stress/anxiety/panic attacks, do better on the job, attract healthier people/have better relationships, the list is endless.
     I utilize a variety of techniques to help you achieve your desired outcome. Hypnosis allows you to be in a very relaxed state.  In this relaxed state the critical conscious mind quiets down and the unconscious mind becomes highly alert. The mind is open and ready to receive self empowering suggestions. This is where unhealthy core beliefs can become as a distant memory and new beliefs take hold to change your life.      Go to JoannDunsing.com to learn more or give me a call with your questions, Joann Dunsing 203-907-7710.      When nothing else has "worked" why not consider Hypnosis for a Change?
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