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CherylAnn Fernandes is an independent consultant and animal welfare advocate promoting humane treatment of animals through project-based initiatives.orking on behalf of animals for over twenty years, CherylAnn Fernandes spent the first 8 years of her professional career as an animal control officer, which included working for CT’s largest urban municipality. Before that she spent 5 years at the State Capitol lobbying for stronger humane laws. CherylAnn then transitioned into not-for-profit where she served as a shelter director, in-house staff trainer specializing in program development, staff coaching and customer service. She is a member of the National Animal Control Officers Association, is an online educator providing compassion fatigue courses to animal care service personnel, serves on the CT CERT/SART team, is a published writer/author and is an active volunteer for numerous community related animal welfare programs. She got her Humane Leadership B.S. Degree from Duquesne University.
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