Milford Volunteers Help Troops, Hungry

There's a bunch of awesome community-oriented stuff going on in this week's installment of Milford's Social Status on Facebook.

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It's all on Facebook but we bring it right to you - the pics, the comments, the status updates and more. If it's on the Milford Patch Facebook news feed, you'll find it here. And if you see something about Milford in your feed that we missed, let everyone know in the comments!

Hugs From Home VFW 7788

Captures a pic of volunteers helping package "Hugs From Home" for our troops serving overseas.

Downtown Milford Connecticut

Anyone know what the Helicopter activity is all about at Walnut Beach? (Friday at 9 p.m.)

One commenter offered this answer: They are gov't helicopters emitting mind control rays. To protect yourself, cover your head with a tin foil hat.

Milford Radio

Who has been your favorite guest on the show?

Brewmaster Jeff Browning and John Ratzenberger were two offerings. What do you think?

Milford Rotary (CT)

Jennifer Thomas of the Connecticut Food Bank visited Milford Rotary this past week. As usual, Rotarians made a generous contribution of food and money.

Milford Historical Society

Congratulations to the Girl Scouts on the 100th Anniversary!

Walnut Beach Association via PC Services & Consulting, LLC

Morrison's Jig - Traditional Celtic (Irish) Music by Dennis Melton (video)

Special Parents, Special Kids of Milford, CT

Three of us are going to this training in Trumbull, starting March 22 from 6 to 9, please join us if you can. It is free. Next STEPs « Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center – CPAC www.cpacinc.org

Milford Photo

Painting on the table top tonight with Milford Photo. Check out the shots at www.meetup.com/milfordphotography


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