Are You Experienced?

Tony answers the question: Should you look for experience or aptitude?

It's the season for comparison interviews.  Side by side, for each race, we can compare what the incumbent says to what the challenger says.

When I see my interviews beside those of Joe Crisco, my opponent in the 17th Senate district, I worry about how mine compare to his.

Crisco, a 19-year veteran of the State Senate, has an impressive resume showing his lengthy Senate experience.  I, on the other hand, have none.  So, how does that look?

I believe in picking people who are best suited for the task at hand, rather than people who have the most experience.  Right now CT needs to make some changes if we are to crawl out of the financial abyss we find ourselves in.  I believe I am more suited to that than my opponent because I am a fiscal conservative. CT needs a tight hand on the checkbook right now.

Crisco is experienced at throwing CT under the financial bus.  That doesn't work for me.

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