The "Law of Conservation of Energy"

A realistic and rational approach to the After life based on scientific means

Most mediums such as myself have a reason for believing in the power of energy transference. How this happens, however is where some beliefs differ. I was taught as a child a very simple way to understand what I was able to see and hear by my Grandfather, also a Medium.I don't think he realized that his description of these events was in agreement with theorists, biblical scholars and physicists and known in the scientific world as the Law of Conservation of Energy.This law clearly states that "Energy cannot be created or destroyed" only changed and manipulated. It is constant. So based upon this theory of agreement we are energy. Everything that makes use who we are is based upon this energy. Energy is whole, unharmed, uninhibited. It cannot die, become ill or diseased. All these things are connected to our physical selves. Our organs, skin, bodies, deteriorate, become old, frail and susceptible to disease.When we die, we separate from that..Our physical body separates from our energy.This energy remains here. It remains a part of this world still able to connect through this very energy with our energy.They can see us and experience our lives.Being uninhibited by a physical form, they have no need to take on any physical attributes. However, they can do this for us. They can and do take on a recognizable form for identification purposes. They can allow us to sense a familiar scent like their perfume, cigar or pipe. They can touch us and hear us.This connection is real because they are real.The misunderstanding about some of their abilities or even their existence,has been perpetuated by media in an unfair and non rational way.Demons, Poltergeist activities, which in some cases mimic the very shows on the big screens or our home TV's are on the rise.Let me set the record straight. They CANNOT hurt us. And they have no desire to do that. Anger, resentment, pain, sadness are all human emotions. They are not human any longer.They will do things to get are attention that are misunderstood and thought of as a negative act.Throwing a cup onto the floor, opening cabinets, slamming a door and yes, even giving you a slap, is their way of getting our attention. And you will do this too someday.But instead of realizing their intent we make assumptions about who did this and why they want to hurt us. This is sad because most of us miss these opportunities everyday.Thank you TV and Movies.So, please enjoy your Sci-fi, Paranormal Activities and such (I do) but please remember, They are for "Entertainment purposes" only

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