Light Anomalies

Understanding the difference between "orbs" and "Light Anomalies", Are we alone??

Light Anomalies- Signs of a spiritual presence?

As discussed in my last blog, "orbs" are commonly misidentified things that occur naturally in our environment. ie dust, bugs, light reflections, moisture....etc.

Light Anomalies, when properly identified, can potentially be the energy of a spirit transforming itself by use of the energy around it.

So, How do you recognize a light anomaly. Well for starters...Light anomalies create their own light. Unlike "orbs" which are picked up in pictures because of the light from the camera or recorder, they require no external light for development. They are not circular in shape but usually appear as more of a semi circle or elongated form. sometimes even crescent shaped. They follow a purposeful flight pattern or direction and move slowly instead of quickly and erratically.

 Now, why does this occur..

The theory behind light anomalies (and it is just a theory) is that when a spirit enters into an area which also has it's own energy, the flow or exposure of the two mixed energies creates this type of phenomenon.

Now, there is some fact based upon how this would occur. Many tests have been done over the years with the mixing of different types of energy, or the introduction of two energies into an environment. This creates an arc type of current..almost what is seen when potential spiritual encounters takes place.

Can we be sure that this is Paranormal in nature or proof positive that there is a  spirit nearby..No, Unfortunately. Even with all the study into this field over the last 50 years, we are still left only with speculation.

The most common question I am asked is "Are they here", Yes, Virginia..there are spirits all around us. But are they caught on camera at birthday parties, weddings and baptism as some would have you think? No.

I am sure that most of you have seen pictures that people have shown you or that you have seen purported evidence from a Paranormal Groups web page,indicating they have caught a spirit. Most can and are explained.

It is nearly impossible, even with all the state of the art equipment available to state with certainty that the evidence you have captured is proof positive of a spiritual visitation.

My group, CtGhosthunters uses the equipment we have more to debunk then to prove the existence of the Afterlife. We have special computer programs, both audio and video that we can analyze potential evidence with..and most of the time our excitement is crushed when we have to throw out the evidence we were sure was paranormal.

Now, being as I am a Medium and spend my day with many spirits, I am here to tell you They are here!. There is no doubt. But we have to be careful in the use of our cameras and now our cell phones. It is too easy to capture something in a photo they looks odd and jump to the conclusion that you have caught a bonafide spirit.

At CGH we do a lot of education on how to identify common errors in photo taking or even in interpretation. To see some of our educational photo's please visit our website at www.CtGhosthunters.org

Now for an update. My book "You Are Not Alone; Our Loved Ones Are Here...You're Just Not Listening", is doing very well. I have been at many libraries, community centers and Colleges providing information regarding my book. If you are interested in either getting your own copy of my book or seeing were I will be next, Please visit my website at www.sydneysherman.net

See you on the other side!


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