Whiz Kid

Devin Sharafanowich

A recipient of high honors, Devin Sharafanowich favors social studies, math, science and all of his teachers.

But this West Shore eighth-grader has many interests besides academic studies, including ping pong, swimming, theater, band, Boy Scouts, horseback riding, martial arts and amateur radio.

In his eight years of Tang-Soo-Do at West Haven Academy of Karate, he has achieved a green belt -- two belts away from black.

Devin took horseback-riding lessons at Spring Meadow Farm in Milford for more than five years until he accomplished his riding goals.

A Boy Scout of Troop 1 of Milford, he has achieved the "Star" rank.

In band at school, he plays drums and percussion. At home, he has taken private piano lessons for the past five years. He has also been known to beatbox and dance --  and has begun to learn how to play a Appalachian dulcimer.

His father, Douglas Sharafanowich, describes Devin as, "Alot of fun. He is very serious about studying and his school work. I never have to do more than ask him if his homework is done. He is very conscientious about doing it. He also has a phenomenal memory which he transcribes into Power Point presentations (things he's learned)."

In addition to his instrumental talent, Devin has perfect pitch. "He can call the key to any music he hears," Douglas Sharafanowich said.

Devin played the keyboard and sang "Higher Lifted Up" at "The Oscars" talent show last Friday at Kingdom Life Christian Church. Solely from memory and without practice, he performed on a whim.

Devin is currently preparing for a trip with the Boy Scouts and is studying for his amateur radio technician license exam.


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