St. Mary School 2nd Quarter Honor Roll

The following 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at St. Mary School in Milford made the honor roll in the 2nd quarter.


The St. Mary School Facebook page published this list of the 2nd Quarter Honor Roll at St. Mary School:

8th Grade High Honors - Emma Mastropietro

8th Grade Honors - Daniel Boynton, Chelsea DosSantos, Ryan Dunn, Christian Fournier, Grace Gallagher, Shivam Gandi, Joseph Griffin, Lauren Haverl, Madeleine Lagarde, Desiree Lazo, Peter Nguyen, Michael Piechota, Rachael Radwill, Robert Rice, Emily Rotondo, Lily Stiffler & John Wypychoski

8th Grade Honorable Mention - Tyler Riordan

7th Grade High Honors - Julia Bryant & Julia Petalcorin

7th Grade Honors - David Albright, Olivia Creigh, Brett Hart, Greg Jazwinski, Andrew Kaminsky, Ashley Neeley, Frank Paine, Katherine Paine, Samantha Phelan, Patrick Richardson, Michael Robertson, Sadie Semrau & Jake Zabski

7th Grade Honorable Mention - Mark Crotta & Michael Sciancalepore

6th Grade High Honors - Clare Bassano, Erin Eason & Clare Lagarde

6th Grade Honors - Leah Cogguillo, Juliana Dente, Olivia Dunn, Ryan Farrell, Justin Lasella, Ace Luzietti, Jack Luzzi, Ryan Riordan, Thomas Rosati, Anja Voges, Liam Woods & Rory Woods

6th Grade Honorable Mention - Alexandria DePaul, Pamela Ellison & Patrick Rice


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