Milford Teacher Needs Tools for Autistic Students

An Orchard Hill School teacher is seeking donations through Donors Choose.

"Calming Conclusions!" -- that's what Orchard Hill School teacher Mrs. Marschne is seeking for her students.

Mrs. Marschne put a call out on Feb. 2 on Donors Choose, the online charity site that connects people to classrooms in need, for $180 to purchase supplies that will help improve her students' learning experience.

"My classroom consists of 4 learners with autism, at the elementary level, between 3rd and 5th grade. My students have limited language, impaired social skills, challenging behaviors and sensory integration disorders. Many daily activities, that we take for granted can be quite challenging for these students," she writes on Donors Choose.

"FAIR ISN'T everybody getting the same thing...FAIR is everybody getting what they need in order to be SUCCESSFUL! It is essential that my students with autism receive sensory regulation throughout their school day in order to reach optimal success!"

"My students need therapy putty, elastic stretch bands and a large scooter with ropes to help regulate their sensory needs, so they are available to learn in the classroom," Mrs. Marshne writes. "With these sensory materials my students will be able to focus on the task at hand and sit longer for work time; therefore, they will make significant progress on new skills."

If you would like to support Mrs. Marschne's project, visit her page on Donors Choose.

Editor's note: Two other Milford teachers have projects on Donors Choose. We'll be featuring those, too.

maurine meleck March 20, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Hmmmmmm and I thought children with autism are supposed to be getting an appropriate education to fit their needs. That's the law. Let the school district pay for these much needed supplies. They had better get their act together and soon because the autism epidemic is only getting worse with new CDC numbers coming soon-it's another catastrophic increase This teacher needs to demand the supplies and not have to beg for money from strangers or anybody. Of course, the government has no idea what causes autism, how to stop or cure it or just how many suffer from it. However, they know it's not vaccines. Come on----------------- Maurine Meleck, SC grandmother to 2 vaccine injured boys-one recovered with bio-medical treatments.


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