Milford Public Schools Cut 12 Staffing Positions

The aldermen reduced the school board's budget request in May.

Yesterday began a new fiscal year for the Milford Board of Education and it will be considerably leaner this year. 

The Board of Aldermen made $300,000 in reductions to the school board’s budget request in May resulting in the school system beginning the new fiscal year with a reduction of 12.2 staff positions. 

Enrollment declines made the reduction of staff possible, and most positions were left vacant through retirements and attrition. 

The school board in its original budget reduced 7 full time position by reducing grade level sections at Meadowside grade 5, Orchard Hills grade 5, Pumpkin Delight grade 3, Mathewson grade 1 and John F. Kennedy School kindergarten. 

Two elementary specialist positions in the areas of art and music and a physical education teacher positions were reduced, and a middle school physical education teacher position was also reduced. 

At Pumpkin Delight, the third grade will average 24 pupils per classroom, and if that exceeds 25 students then another section will have to be added, according to meeting minutes. 

Gary Tobin July 02, 2014 at 05:52 PM
The past 3 years after school programs which were added are costing almost 500.000 more a year, which is the estimated cost at the time BOE voted.
tlkensington July 02, 2014 at 09:59 PM
I guess this is how Cummings and Ritchelli got their raises.
Gary Tobin July 03, 2014 at 07:28 AM
The BOE and the School Administration (Dr. Feser, Mike Cummings & Jim Richetelli) suck at acting surprised. They are fraudulent leading the residents to believe they knew nothing about the Board of Alderman cutting $300.000 from their budget. Mark my words, feathers don’t get ruffled unless there is a vision of benefit or promotion. Somewhere in the near future this act will be built on, someone will benefit from it. In Hollywood they call this a script and this particular script is only act one of many to come. Understanding a just a little bit about of politics and their components you too will see the surprise reactions are a lie, misleading and deceitful. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Consider these points: A small city Elected officials, Mayor, BOE, BOA, hold the majority on both boards (Democrats) Elected Democrats are members of the Democrat Town Committee All elected Democrats were endorsed by the Democratic Party Democrat Town Committee and its members meet regularly. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Don’t think for a moment the “PARTY” (Party Planner, Mayor, BOE, BOA & School Administrators) didn’t know well in advance of the $300.000 being cut by the Alderman. --------------------------------------------------------------------- It’s a dam shame and bordering criminal neglect and abuse “the party” would use the school system along with the kids to self-promote and self-advertise for their agenda. The kids are 2nd rate in Milford's education system.
Gayle July 03, 2014 at 10:09 AM
I totally agree and I have kids in the Milford school system . What's a big waste is the school greeters all they do is sit on there asses while the school secretaries take more breaks
Gary Tobin July 03, 2014 at 05:08 PM
I think the SRO's are a waste of $300.000, ($150.000+ from the Education Budget, this year). Sure would rather see the teachers/staff that have been cut due to the "Alderman cutting the budget". Let me add, although the SROs are half funded by the Ed budget they are in full capacity as a Milford Police Officer. Because they are not employees of the Education System they can and do question and interview kids regarding anything they or the kids say or do. Additionally, the information obtained from the kids is part of their records with the Police and the world Education data collection system. And oh ya, you or any other parent can’t do anything about it in fact they can question the kids without notifying the parents and without the parents ever knowing it and try to get all the data pertaining to your own child, good luck. I’ll end with; try to remember the process and dog and pony show the BOE followed to get the SROs in the schools. Toward the end of that process the BOE members voted on having the SRO without knowing where the money would come from to pay for the SROs. One of Milford’s Police Commissioners, appointed by Mayor Blake, holds a position of leadership in the Milford Democratic Town Committee.


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