Milford Pets Are Safe at Hurricane Sandy Emergency Shelter [PHOTOS]

A look at the Milford Emergency Evacuation Shelter at Jonathan Law High School


Over at Jonathan Law High School, Milford residents who have need to evacuate their homes have found shelter and a place to stay during Hurricane Sandy.

A number of staff and volunteers are down at the site, checking people in, setting up cots, making sure everyone has food and water.

Milford Animal Control's Rick George is on hand to make sure everyone's pets are taken care of, as well.

As of this afternoon, 55 people were checked in at the Shelter. The number is likely much higher by now, but there is no direct phone line to the school.

Milford Health Director Dr. A. Dennis McBride has advised people leaving their homes to "bring your meds if you're going to leave. Any sort of health equipment, as much medical equipment as you can bring."

Noting the dogs and other pets being housed at the shelter, Dr. McBride said, "Dogs and pets are important to people. We're doing it because people tend to make decision around the dog."

On Milford Patch's Facebook page, CoCo Beans asked: "have they moved the animals down at the silver sands shelter?"

Rick George of Milford Animal Control responded, saying that the animals at the silver sands shelter were moved on Friday. They're in a high-level kennel at Snowflake. He added, "They were our first consideration."


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