East Shore Middle School Students Evacuated: Taken to Foran HS

It was a precautionary measure because of structural concerns in the middle school building.

The approximately 600 students who attend East Shore Middle School have been evacuated and transported to Foran HS because of concerns about the structural integrity of the roof of the middle school, officials said.

The precautionary measure was taken because of cracks discovered in the roof of the front office, where students do not heavily populate, according to officials.

They note that the office roof is structurally different from the roof of the rest of the building, officials said.

A structural engineer has been called in.


Milford Public Schools issued this to parents:


Earlier today, the Milford Public Schools relocated the students at East Shore Middle School to Joseph A. Foran High School, due to some concerns regarding the ESMS roof.  Please refer to the details included below in a message that was sent to all of our East Shore parent community, (via telephone/Connect-ED messaging). 

ESMS has approximately 600 students.

Dear East Shore Families,

As a precautionary measure only, we are in the process of relocating all East Shore Middle School students to Foran High School, due to some concerns regarding the ESMS school roof.  Earlier this morning, our facilities team was called in to look at some noticeable cracks isolated to the front office area only of the building (an area typically not heavily populated by students).  At this point, the front section of the building is currently the only area of concern, since this section of roof is structurally different than the rest of the building.

To address this concern, we are bringing in a structural engineer to review the entire roof structure at East Shore.  And, as we mentioned yesterday, we will have a crew working on the roof to reduce the amount of snow currently there.

In order to do this work, to maintain student safety, and to preserve our instructional program, we are relocating our East Shore students to Foran High School. 

-          Students, faculty and staff have all been notified. 

-          Buses will transport students from East Shore to Foran, where they will conduct classes until normal middle school dismissal time. 

-          Lunch will be served at Foran.

At the end of the day, East Shore students will board school buses at Foran. 

-          For students who normally take the bus home, the buses will take their normal bus route home – the only difference being they will deploy from Foran, rather than East Shore. 

-          For students who normally walk home, they will board the bus at Foran and be returned to East Shore, and they will walk home from there.

Thank you for your patience and your support in helping us maintain the safety of all of our East Shore students.


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