Dr. Feser Explains School Year Changes

The following is a letter written by the Milford Schools Superintendent to Parents and Students.


Dear Milford Public School Parents and Students,

I write to you to share the modifications that are being made to this year’s 2012-13 Academic Calendar as a result of the hurricane and recent snow storm and the closing of school for six days.  It deeply concerns me that we have not yet entered the winter season, and yet are faced with making up 6 instructional days.

Last night, the Board of Education voted to alter the current Academic Calendar in order to recapture the 6 days we’ve already lost and to set a plan in place should we need to close schools for additional storms or emergencies in the months to come.  I believe the adopted changes are sound.  Though they veer somewhat from the original calendar plan, the Board and I mutually agreed upon the changes.

 Here is how the calendar is changing:

  1. Four (4) instructional days will be added to the end of the current school year.

Originally, our last day of school was to be Monday, June 17th.  With 4 instructional days now being added to the end of the calendar, the last day of school for students is now set for Friday, June 21st.

  1. February Vacation –  2 Days Will be Removed; School Will Now be In Session Thursday & Friday

Originally, February vacation was scheduled for the week of Feb. 18-22. In order to make up the remaining 2 days we’ve already lost due to the storm, school will now be in session on Thursday, Feb. 21st and Friday, Feb. 22nd.   

If additional snow/school closure days are needed, we will continue to deduct days from the February vacation.  Further, if we use all of the February vacation days, we will then begin to take back days from the April vacation beginning with April 19th.  In the event more days are needed, days will be added in June -- not to go beyond June 28th

The revised calendar is posted on the website.   Clearly, none of us anticipated losing 6 days of instruction before winter has had a chance to settle in.   Like you, I hope that as the year moves forward there will be no further interruptions to our students’ learning.  

Thank you for your continued support.


Elizabeth E. Feser, Ed.D.  

Superintendent of Schools



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