Lions and Tigers and Bears....oh my, or............... WHERE"S WALDO?

Waldo, the runaway calf, has issued an email with his demands.

OK. it is official and was announced last night on Milfordradio.com our elusive feeder calf's name is Waldo as in WHERE'S WALDO! Actually we know where he is, but he won't come out and play. However, I did receive an email today from Waldo listing his demands.

1.  safe passage

2.  sweet hay for bedding

3.  special Canadian Alfalfa hay aged for 6 months

4.  regular massages

and last but not least hoof manicures.  

Okay it's official: I have gone over the edge.  I have completely and udder- ly lost it.  I had hoped if I kept mooooooving I wouldn't be accused of milking it. O well! Ad just when I was putting things in place for Waldo, Bob the cat shows up in the opposite end of town putting his two cents in.  I now know that I have either slipped into the Twilight Zone or Wild Kingdom.  All kidding aside,I think that all this heat has short-circuited whatever brain cells I had left.  After all, I did grow up in the 60's!

Ok now that I have gotten that out of the way, what can we do with the wildlife that is suddenly appearing around us?  First off, it is not suddenly around us. It has always been here for a long long time, but there was enough undeveloped land for the animals to live on and not be seen. Two, the animals have learned to adapt and so must we.  As humans, we seem to have a built-in arrogance against nature and for the last several years we have seen the result of that.  We, the humans, did our best to eradicate the predators -- and we did that mostly out of fear and control.  Now,  we are overpopulated with turkeys, deer, and smaller varmits. Balance of natureThird, nature is pretty near perfect in design.

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RIck George July 21, 2011 at 05:08 PM
I really must be losing it, I didn't finish this before I submitted it. Basically my message is this; the animals are learning to live with us because we have taken all of their habitats so WE MUST LEARN TO LIVE WITH THEM!! Remember if they disappear, SO DO WE!!!!
Nancie G July 21, 2011 at 06:03 PM
So very true.....And now we also know that it's not a cow on the loose, but a bull or a steer....


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