YIR: Noteworthy People

Here are some Milford people you should get to know.

Meet Milford Library's Director Jean Tsang

It's been more than 30 years since Jean Tsang started working in the Children’s Department of the Milford Public Library.

"I love Milford," Tsang says. She is especially pleased with the many people in Milford who donate their time and resources to make it a better place to live.

"What I should say is, it takes a village," Tsang says. "After all these years, I’ve met so many interesting, kind and generous people."

Get To Know Milford's City Clerk

Milford City Clerk Linda Stock says her job boils down to one thing: customer service. And that's just fine with her.

"Pretty much I’ve been in customer service for my career," she says.

On the Front Lines of Sexual Abuse

Peggy Pisano has been counseling victims of sexual abuse and child abuse for 35 years.

After 35 years as a rape crisis and child abuse counselor, Peggy Pisano said the plight of the victims can be emotionally draining.

"The cases can touch you emotionally," says Pisano, the former executive director of the Milford Rape Crisis Center. But the center volunteers take care of each other so they can focus on helping the victims.


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