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Woodmont Releases Snow Emergency Update

The Warden of Woodmont, Edward W. Bonessi Jr., has been sending out messages to Woodmont residents throughout the snow storm and recovery.

The following message was sent to Woodmont residents on Wednesday, February 13th:

Today we concentrated on hauling snow from Village Road and I attached a compressed file with pictures of the tedious snow removal process. In addition to Village Road we cleared Abigail and Marks Streets and the dead end streets north of New Haven Avenue and have made room for more forecasted snow tonight and this weekend…pray for rain! Our snow plowing budget is busted. We will still need to clear a few more location but the city has closed the designated dump location and we have to come up with an acceptable plan B.

The Milford Police Department responded to our needs within hours by tagging and towing 6 vehicles making way for Jim to make those roads wider and safer.

A reminder to those who still have not cleared the sidewalks in front of their homes, please do so as soon as possible or face possible fines. Schools will be opening again and we do not want children walking in the street.

As always, if you have questions, concerns or comments feel free to contact me.



Edward W. Bonessi Jr. – Warden


Janet Cichowski February 15, 2013 at 02:47 AM
The problem is none of us Woodmont residence were made aware of this 'snow emergency' order in anyway until the police came knocking at our doors ordering us to move our LEGALLY parked vehicles immediantly or they would be towed. The alternative side street parking order was over as of Sunday. We have a 3rd vehicle which we must park on the street. My husband spent HOURS upon HOURS clearing snow from our corner lot sidewalks, school bus stop, several elderly neighbors or those without snowblowers and a walking path down the road so people could atleast leave their homes until the plows showed up. The spare truck was the least of his worries. When the police came knocking (At the specific request of Mr Bonesi) I was home alone with 5 children and was expected to run outside, dig out the truck and move it with out any notice. Completely unreasonable. With all of the technology this city has in place to send out notifications like this it is inexcusable that this situation was handled the way it was. Next time Mr Bonesi, instead of calling the mayors office and the police, try sending out an e blast to your bourough residence with 24 hours notice to remove their street parked vehicles for snow removal purposes and we would have been happy to oblige.
Ed Bonessi February 15, 2013 at 01:36 PM
We have been sending daily email blasts and twitter feeds out to the Borough as well as linked message to this website since the day before the storm last Thursday February 7th. In addition the mayor used the emergency automated telephone dialing system several times requiring cars to be removed or at a minimum obey the emergency alternate side street parking plan. We waiting until day 5 after the storm and all 6 of the vehicles in question were buried in snow making it impossible to plow the area. I am very sorry for the inconvenice but we had no other choice but to contact the police department and have the vehicles towed. It is a common legal practice that every major city in the state used during this historical weather event. Edward Bonessi, Jr. - Warden, Borough of Woodmont
Kelley Cummings February 15, 2013 at 02:07 PM
I know that this has been a difficult time for all as a result of our 38" of snow, ButThe Borough has had an email blast for sometime. However it is voluntary. Warden Bonessi as well as Burges Barrett have been keeping those on the email list updated and requesting that all sidewalks be cleared and cars be moved so the plows can get through. As Dr Feser has told us the schools have been up and ready for the children to return. The school closures have to do with the corners and walkways. It is a safety issue. It must be safe for ALL children. This has been such an issue Mayor Blake has called for the "Shoveling Brigade" for today. I incourage all Woodmont residents to sign up for the email blast by contacting the Borough clerk at woodmontborough.clerk@gmail.com. Hats off to Jim Mallico and crew!


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