Power Restoration Underway; CL&P Not Giving Time Estimates Yet

With the worst of Hurricane Sandy now over, the power company has already begun getting people back on the grid while focusing now on full restoration efforts. Almost all of Newtown is in the dark.

Connecticut Light & Power said it couldn’t yet give an estimate of when power will be restored for customers who lost it during Hurricane Sandy.

William Quinlan, a senior vice president for CL&P, said more than 600,000 customers were without power at the height of the storm last night, but the utility company was able to restore electricity to 135,000 of them by this morning.

In Newtown, 97 percent of the town and 10,638 customers were without power as of 11 a.m. 

With the worst of the storm now over, the utility company now has hundreds of workers out on the road with the objective of getting customers’ lights back on. The utility company’s senior leadership, as well as Gov. Dannel Malloy, is expected to tour the areas hardest hit by the storm, notable the southeastern and southwestern parts of the state.

The company’s focus is now on helping municipalities get roads open and establishing staging areas for the ongoing restoration effort.

Quinlan said CL&P never had to take offline two coastal substations, one in Branford and another in Stamford, because of effort by the company’s staff — using sand bags and concrete walls — to shore them up from potential flooding from the storm surge.

“In general we are impacted heavily by trees, which is generally in the case of high wind like this,” Quinlan told the media.

Fred Ferraro October 30, 2012 at 04:59 PM
They don't do proper line maintaince or tree removal. They spend less per customer than neighboring utilities. They pocket the money instead. Deregulation has been another failed republican economic policy. Since it happens rates have gone up and service down.
Marc October 31, 2012 at 12:59 AM
To be honest it seems like CL&P did learn just a little bit from the last 2 major storms. Couple months ago they did some cosmetic tree work around Newtown. They leave trees embrassing power lines and expect nothing to happens when high winds come.
Phil Sandifer October 31, 2012 at 05:38 AM
Well, Connecticut does have an awful lot of trees, which is why we've fared badly the last few storms. That said, the six municipal-owned utility companies in Connecticut all performed repairs much faster than CL&P did in the last two storms, had fewer outages, and charge lower rates. This time around, Norwich Public Utilities expects to have everyone back on Wednesday. Neighboring towns are all faring much worse under CL&P. But, you know. The private sector. It's efficient. Or something.
JWG October 31, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Jim, CL&P have a tough agenda with trees. We like the atomsphere they present. We the home owner has to stop standing on the fence. As mentioned prior deregulation was and is not the way to go. We need help on all sides as does CL&P. Love it or leave it.
Dee Dee October 31, 2012 at 08:47 PM
JIm, Seems to me the only thing CL&P has a tough time with is doing their job! We have been through this twice before and yet this storm they declared less damage, fewer customers out, supposedly better prepared, claimed 1000 workers/trucks brought in from the midwest and fewer trees down and still it takes them TWO days just to come up with a plan, ( re less damage... this is for CL&P - note the shore was worse and yet Norwalk is nearly all restored why because they are NOT CL&P)


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