Milford Schools Smoking Ban Aimed at Adults

The proposed policy would update the language of the current no smoking rule, which was adopted in 1999.


At Monday night's Board of Education meeting, Milford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Feser presented a proposal prepared by which suggests revisions to the school's current ban on smoking.

Dr. Feser noted that Milford Schools' present policy only prohibits smoking "while school is in session."

"We want to create complete smoke-free environments," said Dr. Feser.

Specific Updates to Policy

Feser emphasized that the updated policy would focus on adults.

The language of the proposal is fairly thorough:

Employees of the Milford Board of Education and all other adults are prohibited from smoking at any time in school buildings, on school property, on school buses, vans, or any school-provided transportation, or at any school-sponsored activity. Smoking is also prohibited at any time in any offices assigned to, or any areas used by Board of Education personnel, and at public meetings held under the auspices of the Board of Education.

Policy Enforcement

Board of Education member Susan Glennon asked who would enforce this policy at a sporting event.

Dr. Feser responded that there would be signs posted and hopefully "peer pressure" amongst adults.

BOE member Dora Kubek proposed adding e-cigarettes to the ban.

The legal reference for the policy is Connecticut General Statute 19a-342: "Smoking prohibited in certain places. Signs required. Penalties."

Do you think that parents should be allowed to smoke at school events? Or is this policy important for the safety of everyone involved? Vote in our poll.

RONALD M GOLDWYN August 26, 2012 at 12:26 PM
Many years ago I was a smoker and the cigarette companies hid the dangers of smoking from the public. Then my two kids put Non-Smokers Bill of Rights signs on their bedrooms doors and I stopped smoking in my home. At the next new years eve I vowed never to bum another cigarette from another and from that time forward no cigarette product has entered my mouth. I went from a defender of cigarette smoking to a crusader against smoking. Even If I can't convince the remaining idiot smokers, I can at least work to make life harder for them to enjoy cancer nails. I do so to protect their children and other loved ones. I do so, so that my air is not polluted. I recently learned that I have COPD. There is no cure for it, yet I stopped my 1/2 pack habit over 30 years ago. Mr McFadden, Time is now on the side of non-smokers, with or without clinical trials. It is now my faith that substitutes for proof. It is what I believe and not what I can prove that puts me in with the majority point of view. I may not live to see a tobacco free world, but I am seeing that trend. I do wish you good health.
Michael J. McFadden August 26, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Thank you for an honest and polite answer Mr. Goldwyn. And of course there is no arguing with faith, although I'll do my best to get the science out there to those interested in looking at it. I think you're doing a very wrong thing though when you say you want to "at least work to make life harder for them to enjoy cancer nails. I do so to protect their children and other loved ones. I do so, so that my air is not polluted." You are subtracting from their lives by making it harder for them to enjoy what they enjoy. You can console yourself by saying "Maybe I'll help make them miserable enough that some of them will change their behavior and maybe that will help some of that portion live longer." But meanwhile all you've done for the rest of them is hurt their lives. Their families and children are not generally in need of "protection" -- the risk they incur from having a smoker in the house is probably far less than the risk they incur from having a driver in the house, having a pool in their back yard, or having video games on their computers. Remember, even according to the EPA a wife's lifetime exposure to her husband's smoking only gives her one extra chance in a thousand of lung cancer (and I could present some very good arguments as to why even THAT is greatly exaggerated. And the huge 1998 WHO study had only ONE scientifically significant finding: Children of smokers got 22% *LESS* lung cancer as adults. {continued...}
Michael J. McFadden August 26, 2012 at 01:11 PM
{Sorry about continuing... I usually don't think multi-posting is very polite...} But... I wanted to add one more thing: You say you work against smoking so your "air is not polluted." You'd be far better off working against cars. A driver in a single day pollutes as much or more than a smoker in an entire year. Read my short bio at: http://antibrains.com/author.html and you'll see that I used to be like you: I felt I had a right to make driving as difficult and expensive as possible, and a right to vilify drivers as murderers and encourage societal actions and penalties against them to make them conform to my world view of what was right and good for me and for "the children." I was wrong: I don't have such right to make that decision for others other than perhaps in some fairly superficial regulatory ways to control extreme situations and perhaps to perform what might be considered the mildest of "nudges." A $5/gallon tax added to the price of gasoline would go a long way toward cleaning our air and saving the children whose bodies are ripped up daily by Detroit's Death Machines... but I no longer subscribe to actively pushing such policies and images to that extent. - MJM
Eileen August 27, 2012 at 01:17 PM
@ Ed P " your "endocrinologist says no to weight loss".... my coffee just shot out my nose." LOL..almost lost my coffee! Too funny.....
Gary Tobin December 01, 2012 at 03:48 PM
I enjoyed reading everyone's point of view. My thoughts, If you smoke and don't know it's not good for you, you live in a cave. If you smoke and are not considerate of others, shame on you. No one is going to change their selfishness. If the smell of cigarettes and smoke bothers you when walking into a building, I feel for you because it bothers me too. Additionally, the smell of chinese food and sea food bothers me just as much. I'll get back to the original question, should adults be banned from smoking at Milford school events? No Adults that smoke will attend the required school events or not attend school events at all. Right now the smoking adult can go outside and have a cigarette and return to the event. I do support a buffer area, example: a 30-40 foot buffer area at the door ways of all buildings that are marked no smoking area. GPT


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