Milford's Top Twenty City Wage Earners

The follow list contains the top twenty City of Milford wage earners for 2012, excluding the Board of Education.


In a compilation of the top 20 wage earners on the city side of Milford for the year 2012, four are retirees.

At the request of Milford Patch, the Finance Department compiled the list of the top 20 wage earners on the city side of government for the year 2012 last week. 

Last year's top earner, Steven Fournier, current assistant mayor and previous deputy police chief of Milford, was not on this year's list. When asked for an explanation, a representative from the Finance Department explained, simply, "Steven Fournier made less money in 2012."

The full list of the top 20 wage earners from the Finance Department also accompany this article as a PDF.

The sums the Finance Department presented for wage owners who have retired do not include pension payments. 


Name Department Title Gross Wages Joan B. Cagginello Health Administrator, Nurses (Retired) $150,373.43 Louis A. LaVecchia Fire Fire Chief (Retired) $147,437.20 Andrew D. McBride Health Director of Health $136,368.62 Keith L. Mello Police Chief of Police $135,984.02 John E. Burton Police Sergeant $129,316.92 Alan J. Zingaro Fire Assistant Deputy Chief (Retired) $126,862.82 Douglas S. Youd Police Sergeant $121,111.77 Peter A. Erodici, Jr. Finance Director of Finance $121,079.13 Steven M. Romano Fire Lieutenant $120,881.27 Brandon D. Marschner Police Lieutenant $117,697.69 Daniel T. DelVecchio Fire Battalion Chief (Retired) $117,071.40 Tracy L. Mooney Police Deputy Chief $116,643.54 Richard Anderson Police Sergeant $113,466.70 Gerald V. Butler Police Captain  $106,918.92 Thomas P. Raucci Permitting & Land Use Chief Building Inspector $106,264.02 Gary R. Baker Fire Battalion Chief $106,248.01 Lee D. Robbins Police Patrolman $105,242.40 Bernard L. Begley Fire Battalion Chief $104,961.69 Bruce C. Kolwicz Public Works Public Works Director $104,219.34 Evan Beauvais Police Sergeant $103,624.53

Next week, Milford Patch will publish an article on the top 20 wage earners on the Board of Education side.


Ed P. February 18, 2013 at 12:18 PM
RONALD M GOLDWYN said: "I can't complain, he is running one of the best police departments in the state. While I see high salaries for the PD and FD personel, they do take risks that civilians don't. How else do you attract people to be in these professions? "Best"? elaborate please. I'm serious...I want to know what made them "one of the best" in your mind? Because they did what they were paid to do? And I will tell you how you "Attract people into these professions".... with money. They get paid handsomely for the possibility at some time in their life, their work day could get dangerous. Unlike someone up top on this page, I don't apologize for my feelings regarding the police & fireman (and "educators", heck... ALL government "workers"... I mean "pay check receivers") , for what they have become in this country. Sure, young kids want to be fireman & police when they are young, not for money, but like politicians, when they get in, they follow the thought (as we read above) "Everyone is doing it".. aka- sucking the system dry... and hey... you get a cool uniform at the same time.
Ed P. February 18, 2013 at 12:33 PM
And for the record? It's not the amount of money these "government money recipients" make, its the production! or lack of I should say! Someone up top made a comment about police directing traffic- "...the majority of the time, all I see is a cop in the way with a scowl on their face" I drive all over every week through construction sites, and everyone has the stories about cops on their cell phones not even directing the traffic!. I swear on my children's lives, that I see FAR MORE cops doing nothing, when they should be directing traffic. Some are in their cars, or off to the side talking with a friend, ALWAYS on their cell phones!!, while I pass through cautiously. I do it almost every day, I'm willing to bet 90% or more are not doing a darn thing but passing the time. Typically i either gamble when I pass, or toot my horn and open my window and ask- HEY! can I pass?. One time I passed when no officer was in sight, and he eventually jumped out of a bush or something and reprimanded me for passing without his consent!. I said "Sorry... I didn't see you behind that car talking on your cell phone". He was taken aback. And please.... dont tell me because YOU know one good city worker so they are all good...lets use the Rule, rather than the exception. Thats such a pathetic way to argue.
RONALD M GOLDWYN February 18, 2013 at 03:39 PM
I wonder what your feelings would be if you really needed a cop (Short for "Coppers" a name given the NYC Police who had copper badges) or your house was on fire. Boy, I can't wait to hear you say - What took you so long? just to see their reaction. More likely it will be a big thank-you.
Ed P. February 18, 2013 at 10:06 PM
Sorry Fat Boy..... Ive been self employed and self sufficient for decades. You will never see anyone in my family lowering themselves to become a "townie".
Ed P. February 18, 2013 at 10:13 PM
You know Ronnie.... you are so correct!... I may need a Policeman or a Fireman one day.... lets make them all millionaires and fill their pockets with cash in hope they come to MY house quick when I need them....when I ... MAY need them. PS- Loved the History lesson, as usual..... now someone please close the door, I feel a chill wind BLOOOOOOOOOOWING.


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