Milford House Condemned, 30 Animals Rescued From Squalor

Three dogs, 26, cats and one bird were rescued.

File photo
File photo

The Milford Health Department and Milford Animal Control responded last month to a “severely troubled home,” where officials rescued three dogs, 26, cats, and one large bird that were living in horrendous conditions, according to meeting minutes from the Board of Health. 

Health officials say the house was found to have garbage throughout the building including human and animal waste on the walls. The house was declared unfit for occupancy and the owner was forced to leave, meeting minutes states. 

The Milford Health Department is closed today and we will get answers on Monday about the address of the house and where are the animals now. This happened last month. 

Here is the full report from the Milford Health Department: 

Last month the Milford Health Department took the lead and in conjunction with the Milford Animal Control Office executed an administrative search warrant to gain access to the interior of a severely troubled home, according to meeting minutes. 

Based on the odors emanating from the dwelling and the condition of the exterior of the yard surrounding the home, the property was creating a threat to the surrounding properties and considered a public health nuisance. 

This was an occupied dwelling and the occupant would not grant MHD inspectors access to the interior of the dwelling in order to assess the situation. Assisting on scene were officers from the Police and Fire Departments along with the Emergency Mental Health Unit from Bridges. 

Upon inspection of the interior of the dwelling, inspectors found an uninhabitable house filled with garbage, filth, flies and other insects; squalor conditions. 

Severe objectionable fetid odors permeated the inside and outside the dwelling. The toilet facilities were filthy and blocked by refuge. The bathroom and kitchen had no running water. The kitchen was not functioning and there were no bathroom fixtures inside the house. In the kitchen there was decayed and moldy food items stored inside a filthy refrigerator. 

MHD inspectors observed what appeared to be human and animal waste and feces on the floors and walls of every room in the house. On the second floor there was garbage, cardboard boxes, plastic bags and empty food containers cluttering all the rooms. 

This mass of refuge prevented full entry into these rooms. In one of the front bedrooms there was a makeshift electric cooking device in use among a pile of combustible materials such as paper garbage and cloth items. 

The Milford Assistant Animal Control Officer trapped and removed 3 dogs, 26 cats and a large bird and transported them to the veterinarian for health evaluations. 

Based on the inspection, the Director of Health declared the building unfit for occupancy and the occupant was transported off the premises."

Mary DCSH July 05, 2014 at 12:37 PM
I hope the person who was removed from this catastrophe receives the help that is desperately needed. As for the resulting conditions of that dwelling and the person(s) involved...wasn't any assistance or wellness checks ever provided here? The surrounding property owners surely must have complained to authorities before now, wouldn't you think? As for the pets...I would assume that "ultimately" they will be awarded to the Humane Society or similar organization for evaluation, treatment and further assessment regarding their adoptability. If any aid is needed can you provide further details here? We don't know what happened to that individual but I hope they get the care they need...in whatever form it takes...so they, too, can heal from this travesty.
bonita L. brown July 06, 2014 at 02:37 PM
I hope I can help by maybe adopting 2 cats, after the vet check them out. I live in uncasville and have a very clean house. I don't want them to be able to go out side. Maybe you will need a donation, which I would be willing to do. Sincerely Bonita
RebeccaC July 07, 2014 at 08:39 AM
how do we find out about adopting these animals?
Susan Schiavone July 07, 2014 at 05:20 PM
You won't be disappointed in adopting an adult rescue cat. I have done that for 40 years and have never regretted it. They GIVE so much more than you would ever imagine. Love black cats, specifically. They have a very hard time getting adopted, and, yet, ever one I have owned has had such a good disposition.


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