Milford Meets Hollywood for New Duchovny Movie

Heads were turned and traffic slowed down as people tried to get a glimpse of stars David Duchovny and Timothy Hutton.

Correction: The Corner Restaurant did not run out of food, they only ran out of duck at 8:30am. Original Story:


There were a lot of interested observers outside City Hall yesterday: Hollywood had come to Milford, as the independent film 'After the Fall' commenced a day of filming in the City Hall Auditorium and Mayor Ben Blake's office (check out this week's 'Minute with the Mayor' to hear the Mayor's take on the day).

Throughout the morning and afternoon, actors like David Duchovny (star of 'The X-Files' and the excellent, overlooked 'Goats', which is now available On Demand) could be seen hanging out on the steps of City Hall.

Timothy Hutton (Academy Award Winner for Best Supporting Actor for 'Ordinary People') spent time between camera set-ups in the auditorium, relaxing on his cell phone or chatting with Mayor Blake about Connecticut.

What This Means for Milford

Mayor Blake called the film crew's presence in Milford "good business and good exposure." Blake noted that the film brought in over "200 people frequenting" shops and eateries. "It's good for the local economy," the Mayor added.

Economic and Community Development Director Bob Gregory noted that the "Corner Restaurant ran out of food and stayed open late just for [the film crew]."

Gregory reminded us that a few years ago, the Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino/50 Cent movie 'Righteous Kill' filmed at the Star Cafe in Milford.

Speaking of this new film shooting in town, Gregory said it was "some economic stimulus for us, aside from being a lot of fun."

A Look at the Production

The film's producer, Anthony Mastromauro (who also produced 'As Cool As I Am' starring Claire Danes, which is scheduled for a 2013 release), noted that the production came to Milford because they were looking for a "seedy motel" and chose the Mayflower Motel as a location, where they will be filming on Friday.

Production chose to shoot in City Hall because of the auditorium, as well as the Mayor's office, which doubled as a "Congressional-type office" in the film.

A synopsis on IMDb describes 'After the Fall':

Inspired by true events, [it] tells the poignant story of grieving parents who used the unexpected death of their young daughter as inspiration to build a world class children's hospital. The hospital not only keeps their daughter's memory alive, but has also gone on to help thousands of children and their families, eventually becoming the template for all children's hospitals built thereafter.

Mastromauro said that 'After the Fall' is expected to be ready for fall of 2013, when they are looking to screen the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival or the Venice Film Festival.

The film is in its second week of production with three more weeks to go.

cathy yorke October 27, 2012 at 12:18 AM
why call the mayflower motel a seedy motel it;s not i live their and have for the past 12 years
LAM October 27, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Oh, I don't know, perhaps the multiple prostitution, drug and assault arrests that take place there?
jungis4545 October 27, 2012 at 06:34 PM
And may you never run out of food because you'll never run out of customers. What a great place you have-- thank you!
Ryan Sartor October 27, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Hi Michelle: I'm sorry for that misunderstanding. I have added a correction at the top of the stoy, reflecting your comment. Please call me anytime at (203) 246-3134. Thanks, Ryan
Prodriver November 05, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Not only is the Mayflower NOT a "seedy motel", it is probably the ONLY lodging house in Milford that did not raise their rates to take advantage of people during the hurricane. I have stayed at the Mayflower regularly for business for the past 4 years. Its in a great location, the staff is very friendly, the rooms are clean, they are American owned, and I would (and DO) recommend the Mayflower to anyone looking to stay in Milford.


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