Milford Board of Ed Honors Student Artists

Darrien Mohammed of Jonathan Law and Alana River of Foran were honored Monday night.


After viewing all of the student artwork on display at , Milford Superintendent of Schools Dr. Elizabeth Feser was "amazed at the kind of work that has been produced by our students." 

Following a talk with , Dr. Feser said, "Wouldn't it be marvelous to collect student art work?"

At Monday night's Board of Education meeting, Dr. Feser and Vespi began a new initiative to do just that. Two pieces of art from Milford high school Seniors were chosen as the first two works in the Board of Education's new Art Collection. 

The pieces of art will hang in Parson's Complex, with two pieces being added each year.

The honored students, Darrien Mohammed of Jonathan Law and Alana Rivera of Foran, each hope to pursue art in New York City. 

"I want to go to Housatonic for a year until I get my license," Mohammed remarked. "I might go to Paier School of Art. I really want to go to New York City. I love New York City, everybody does."

Rivera has similar ambitions: "I'm going to go to Housatonic and do their NYU program and hopefully go to NYU."

If the pieces of art on display Monday night are any indication, Darrien and Alana's futures are looking quite bright, indeed.

Joyce Viera June 15, 2012 at 11:15 AM
I went to see all the art being displayed at the Parsons Complex and was absolutely amazed at what these students are capable of doing.
Dorothy Kozlowski June 15, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Wednesday afternoon I attended a meeting in the Board of Education conference room... While there, I noticed the two pictures from this article... I now know who the artists are and my congratulations to Darrien and Alana... Your work is outstanding...


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