Learn About the Friends of Milford Library

A Q&A with Elinor Loveridge of the Friends of Milford Library about their event this Sunday, October 14th.


How did the idea for Friends of Milford Library come about?

In 1982 there was a tremendous flood in Milford which compromised most of the Children’s library collection.

Thus the community pulled together and refocused awareness on the “Friends of Milford Library”.

What can people look forward to at this upcoming event?

Learn a new skill, meet and make new friends, discover new opportunities at the Milford Library.

What are some things that the Friends of Milford Library have done?

It is a funding source for the library to acquire items such as; the machine which cleans the DVD collection, Art Prints, Museum passes, programs for both children and adults, the photographs in the main stairwell.

How can people who want to help out get involved?

Go to the FOML-CT web page, become a member, contact us, and/or adopt a shelf at the Library.

Why do you think it's important that we support the Milford Public Library?

The Library is a focal point for the community and a wonderful source of information.

Here is information about a special Friends of Milford Library event at Something of Bev's this Sunday, October 14th:

Bring a Friend to the “Friends of Milford Library”

Special Membership Event

Sunday, October 14, 2012 from 1PM to 4PM at Something of Bev’s Gifts, Furniture & Home Accessories Shop

400 Boston Post Road, Milford, CT 06460

Speakers: Martha Cardellichio and Marty Breen on repurposing fabric, furniture & fun.


RONALD M GOLDWYN October 10, 2012 at 12:30 PM
For the residents of Milford let me state that their Lions Club has as one of its main fund raising activities aiding sight. To that end we donated to the Mfd. Sr. Ctr. the Main Public Library, and the Woodmont Public Library special viewing machines that enlarge print so that those with reading disabilities may read books and magazines This year we made a contribution for seniors to borrow from the library ebook viewers so that they can read in enlarged mode the new ebook collection being started. In addition, the Lions help the Library enlarge their large print book collection. Those folks who attend our yearly fund-raisers see where their funds go to help make Milford a better place to live.


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