Hurricane Sandy Update for City of Milford

This press release was sent out at 12:25 p.m. Monday, October 29th

The City of Milford continues to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Hopefully residents have taken necessary precautions for safety. 

A decision was made based on information  received  from  the  Governor’s office and Connecticut Department Emergency Management and Homeland Security to order a mandatory evacuation of coast areas  inside  the  Federal Emergency  Management  Agency’s  most  recent  SLOSH  (Sea   Lake and Overland Surge from Hurricane) map. 

An alphabetical list of streets for the City of Milford is posted on our website under the Hurricane Sandy Banner. Forecasters are predicting tidal  surges  during  the day  slightly  greater  than  last  year’s  Tropical  Storm  Irene.  The  midnight   high tide is reported to be at levels we have never experienced before. 

Although some residents may not consider evacuating, City Government and Emergency Service Providers urge those residents who reside in areas predicted to flood (as indicated on the map) to find an alternative location to take refuge. 

The City has opened a shelter for evacuees at Jonathan Law High School, 20 Lansdale Avenue. Fire and Police officials stress the importance of evacuating because conditions will be of the magnitude that rescuers will not be able reach you. 

As of 11:30 this morning we are already experiencing flooding over many of the low lying areas along the shoreline.

We ask that everyone heed the warnings, the weather service is calling this event a one hundred  year  storm,  and  other’s  having  referred  to  it  as  the  perfect storm. 

Either  way  it  has  the   capacity to be a storm of historical significance to our City and citizens.

When evacuating, remember to bring with you any financial and insurance documents, medications you may need, and secure your home as best as possible.

For those who are in areas that are not required to evacuate, plan for extended power outages. Use caution when using generators, do not run them inside your garage or basement and do not run extension cords in a hap hazard manner that may cause a fire in your home. Be sure that all appliances are turned off to prevent a fire when power is restored.

In addition to the school system being closed Monday and Tuesday, Milford Public Library is also being closed today and will remain closed tomorrow. Public Works Departmenthas reported that there will be no trash pickup tomorrow, Tuesday October 30, 2012. A supply of sand bags and are available at all fire houses.

Residents should monitor local media outlets for continued updates; check in on the City of Milford Web Site, or by calling the Storm Information Hot Line at 203-874-6782. Recorded messages and updates may also be found at 203 -8STORM2 (878-6762) phone line.

David Chesler October 29, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Power outage on North St -- tree down across from Eisenhower Drive as of about 5:45pm
pete222 October 31, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Does anyone know if the library is open yet?


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