Campaign Notebook: McMahon Ad Targets Obama Supporters

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


A new ad from the Linda McMahon campaign features supporters of Barack Obama who also plan to vote for McMahon. Democrats – and some Republicans – are questioning the ad, which says McMahon would work with Obama if elected.

Chris Murphy told the Associated Press that the claim McMahon would work with Obama is a "lie.”

The Hartford Courant reports that the ad had a backlash on Facebook and Twitter from angry McMahon supporters.

Third District

Rosa DeLauro (D): Former presidential candidate George McGovern died on Sunday, and DeLauro cited the anti-war candidate as an inspiration, according to the Associated Press. DeLauro volunteered for one of McGovern’s three presidential campaigns.

Wayne Winsley (R) and volunteers planned to spend Tuesday evening at campaign headquarters in Stratford, according to his Facebook page. “Phone Banking, Sign Making, Brainstorming and more!” he said.

Hansa Junchun October 24, 2012 at 01:36 PM
Wayne Winsley is working to be elected Third District's representative to the U.S. Congress, and is easily the first candidate to come along who can genuinely cut across all party lines and represent our united interests in Washington. And that's not an easy thing to say of anyone seeking public office. The biggest problem facing our nation has everything to do with acute partisanship in Congress. It has been locked in a struggle where every word by the players are calculated to gain or lose for the party at any given moment. This partisan game is more important than getting the business of the people accomplished. This is an incumbents' game. One has to have been in Congress for a long time to master this game. That's another reason I like Wayne: he has pledged to term-limit himself to eight years in office, should the people desire it. This is what Connecticut Congressman Toby Moffatt had done. He served the people, and then left before he grew too comfortable to serve himself. What about Wayne's affiliation? He's for the people. He has no axes to grind. No favors to hand out. No reason to attack other Congressmen. He is ready to represent every single one of us from the get-go. One voice, one vote, ready to serve! That's why Wayne Winsley has earned the votes of myself and my whole family and network of friends in this district.
JByrd October 24, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Although we need to raise revenues to help close DEBT gap, I'd be careful w this shaky economy. Many politicians have argued "During the Clinton years, we raised taxed yet saw growth". However, some big differences now vs 90s: (1) We saw a large increase in productivity and growth was spurred in 90s as a result of the Internet boom (and increased use of computers). In fact, such a boom it formed a bubble that popped in 2000 ("Dot Com Crash"). (2) The Republican Congress and Clinton implemented some important reform (e.g., Welfare) which helped the economy by increasing confidence and improving incentives. (3) We face much much stiffer competition from global competitors. (4) Higher ratio of entitlement recipients/workers compared to 90s. (5) Global slowdown vs 90s. (6) It's new post "credit boom" and the new normal. In sum, our circumstances today are much different compared to 90s. We need tax reform (simplifying) and overall spending reforms ASAP. Our largest challenge are fiscal reforms. Consider how quickly things changed for Greece, Spain, Italy and others. We are post "credit boom". Just watch the PBS video on NYC's fiscal crisis (it started one sunny Feb day when no one showed up to buy NYC bonds - out of the blue). Our fiscal challenges are our biggest issue. Can't do much if insolvent.


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