Two Platt Tech Students, Driver Injured After Ice Smashes Bus Windshield on I-95

Stratford fire/EMS respond as students suffer minor injuries and are taken away by ambulance. Students came from Bridgeport. Bus was able to move off highway on own power; traffic tied up for about 45 minutes northbound on Moses Wheeler Bridge.

Two Platt Tech students and the school bus driver transporting them to Milford were injured after a bus filled with students from Bridgeport heading northbound on I-95 was hit with flying ice off a tractor-trailer truck, smashing the driver's side windshield.

Stratford fire and EMS responded to a state police request for assistance northbound on the Moses Wheeler Bridge spanning the Housatonic River on I-95 at about 9:15 a.m. Thursday after a report of ice smashing through the driver's side windshield and striking the driver.

According to Platt Tech Principal Gene LaPorta, two Platt Tech students from Bridgeport were transported by ambulance to a local hospital from the scene, neither in serious condition.

"I was in the ambulance with one student who was hit by flying glass," LaPorta said late this morning. "I asked her how she was doing and she said, 'Fine,' and I saw no visible injury."

A second student, a male, complained of back pain and was taken away on a special stretcher from the scene. LaPorta said, "He reported some back pain."

Both were taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Meanwhile, LaPorta said,"the bus driver took it in the face" as flying ice smashed the driver's side windshield. Despite his injuries, he was able to bring the bus to a safe stop without further incident.

"It's amazing to me what the driver was able to do," LaPorta said. "He did a great job, and how he was able to keep the vehicle steady and was able to avoid a collateral accident with other vehicles traveling at that speed on the highway was simply amazing."

The driver's condition was unknown at this posting.

The bus, owned by WeTransport LLC, was able to leave the scene on its own power. A second bus was brought to the scene on the bridge, as traffic was delayed for about 45 minutes, and transported the remaining Bridgeport students to Platt Tech safely.

LaPorta said all the students who arrived at school after the accident signed in and went to class normally. All students were offered counseling and one student, he said, did talk to a school staff person and "seemed OK afterward."

The high school principal also commented about the origin of the accident. "The driver reported that ice flew off the top of a tractor-trailer driving in front of the bus. 

"These drivers are supposed to take care of this and remove snow and ice from the tops of their trailers," LaPorta said. "This could have been a real tragedy."

Bob B February 04, 2011 at 04:18 AM
I travel I-95 all of the time, being in sales it's part of the risk you have to take everyday, even more so during the hazardous winter conditions. I always take that extra step to clean off the ice and or snow on the roof of my S.U.V., heading off to work on , or, after a stormy day. I can say that I have been a victim of flying ice from Trucks, Vans, S.U.V.s, and cars many times . Fortunately I was lucky to avoid any damage. I've actually seen cars with at least a foot and and 1/2 of snow on the roof, and only a section of the windshield carved out, driving down the road. These people are blatantly inconsiderate and down right dangerous. They should be treated like a person who is D.U.I. Unfortunately these people cause damage behind them, and keep going. Not knowing the damage they left behind them. Police should be more pro active about stopping vehicles with excessive snow and or ice on their vehicles.
carol van pala February 04, 2011 at 01:25 PM
People who do not clean off the ice and/or snow off roof should be stopped by police and fined. Carol VP
Priscilla Lynn February 05, 2011 at 01:22 PM
I agree with Carol VP. And while they're at it, the Police should also be monitoring and pulling over these trucks who are very obviously speeding, then riding on your bumper and swerving around you and cutting in front of you closely (i.e, cut you off causing you to hit the brakes!)Why these truck drivers are allowed to bully regular vehicle drivers is beyond all reason.


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