Two Deputy Police Chiefs Named

The new deputy chiefs are Tracy L. Mooney and Gerald Butler.

Two new deputy police chiefs have been named to the Milford Police Department.

The Milford Police Commission Tuesday night approved the promotion of Capt. Tracy Mooney to deputy police chief, making her second in command. She'll be in charge of operations, including the patrol and detective divisions.

Police Chief Keith Mello had recommended Mooney to the commission for that position, which was vacated in June by Steven Fournier, who retired and now serves as Mayor Ben Blake's assistant.

Mooney's annual salary goes from $83,000 to $88,900. There will be an official promotion ceremony early next year.  Mello noted that Mooney is the highest ranking female officer in the department's history -- in the Nutmeg State.

"She is one of the brightest law enforcement managers in the state of Connecticut," Mello said.

Mooney, 47, said, "I'm thrilled about it, and I'd like to thank Chief Mello for the opportunity, and my thanks to the commission for supporting his decision."

The 17-year veteran added, "I'm proud to represent female law enforcement officers."

The police chief has also decided to promote Capt. Gerald Butler to deputy police chief -- a move that is allowed by the police union contract and did not require police commission approval. It is a change in title, not salary, which will continue to be $83,000 a year. Butler, who assumes additional responsibilities, remains a member of the union who can still earn overtime, while Mooney does not.

Butler, 48, will be in charge of administration, which includes internal investigations, human resources, payroll and training. The 26-year veteran will be the third highest ranking officer in the department, which has 112 officers.

"I'm excited to be part of the team that's going to move the department forward," Butler said.

The moves return the Milford Police Department to a model with two police chiefs and two captains, which the department has not seen since the mid-1980s, Mello said. But the budget's bottom line remains the same, according to the chief. The department most recently had one deputy chief and three captains.

"I believe it's a model that both suits and agency of this size and complexity," Mello said.

Other upcoming promotions: Lt. John Alexopoulos to captain, Sgt. William Cable to lieutenant, and Patrolman Evan Beauvais to sergeant.

RIck George December 14, 2011 at 02:40 PM
congratulations to all the promoted!
Christopher Sedelmaier December 20, 2011 at 01:26 PM
Tracy Mooney is a credit to the Milford PD. Congrats DC Mooney!
Stephen Wilde February 24, 2012 at 01:42 AM
I had several classes with Deputy Chief Mooney while attending the FBI National Academy last year. Tracy was well like and respected by her peers. She demonstrated leadership skills both in and out of the classroom during our 10 week training.


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