Sweepstakes Scam Surfaces in Milford

After two residents receive suspicious mail, police warn people to be on the look out for the scam.

When it comes to scams police often warn residents that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

That's certainly the case with the latest scam to hit the city as two letters have surfaced that claim to offer a prize of $225,000.

According to a report just released by the Milford Police Department, two residents contacted police when they became suspicious of a letter they received in the mail. The letter claimed they won $225,000, and provided a check made out in the recipient’s name for a sum of $4,685, which, police said, is provided to help pay for the processing fee of $3,900.

The scam reportedly works as follows, according to police:

"The letter further advises the recipient to contact a designated claim agent to begin their claim process. The claim agent will advise the recipient to deposit the check into their personal bank account and then send them the $3,900 processing fee via Western Union. They will provide the recipient with names and an address to send the funds to, sometimes dividing the payments between two points of contact with the same address. Once this is completed, they will ask the recipient for the MTCN (Money Transfer Case Number) for their electronic wiring service transaction. Once this number is provided to the scammer they can obtain the money, which is usually untraceable."

Police said the letter has the title “Nova Capital Financial Services” in the header and the check has the business name of “Cash Time Title Loans, LLC" on it. Police have notified Wells Fargo Bank and the United States Postal Service regarding these activities, and they are warning residents not to respond to any unsolicited mail, phone calls or emails claiming they have won a lottery or sweepstakes, especially when it requires you to send money for processing or acceptance fees.

Any resident who has received a similar letter is encouraged to contact Milford police.


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