Shelton Man Banned From Milford Restaurant Accused of Pushing Milford Cop

Man had been banned for causing a disturbance before

When you’ve been banned from a local restaurant the last thing one should do is push a Milford police lieutenant, but that is what James Pjura, 21, of Lily Lane in Shelton, is accused of doing. 

Police said they received a complaint of a person causing a disturbance on Daniel Street on June 7. Investigation led to the arrest of Pjura, who is accused of causing a disturbance outside a Daniel Street restaurant and pushing a police lieutenant during the incident, police said. 

Pjura has been banned from the restaurant for causing a disturbance inside, police said. 

He was charged with breach of peace and interfering with police. He was released on a promise to appear in Superior Court, Milford on July 1. 

Jim July 04, 2014 at 08:00 PM
I Find it interesting he gets Banned for pushing a Cop, but Its Just Fine to drive Through out DOwntown at Bar closing Like assholes , TO In one case be warned and Pinched for Urinating in the Public streets Multiple NIGHTS Same Piece of Crap and Same Cop... differant Nights , how about the fellow who lives downtown In a Nice Apartment hears a 3 am disturbance looks out to find a classy COUPLE ( obviousy Classy couple) On the hood of someone's Car Fornicating and setting off The car alarm ( not they're car) Its sad That 3 or 4 Garbage Peddlers have these buissnesses That attract HUMAN feces from Bridgeport to New Haven and Beyond and who DRIVE here, Park in the Train station which automaticly "confuses" all the cops who sit on the green in a Command Vehicle Hiding from these drunks its rediculous To Listen TO the drunken CRap at the train station till 4 am, The cars Racing Up High st And up the green... Just so The Bars can screw up the whole of Daniels street .... THey want parking and The want the whole Block Last weeked The Blocked ONE of two lanes With stupid runks STanding in the road and the cops Gawking at them ... Why doesn't this owner BUY the Old SHOP RITE when they move and then HE and His Patrons can stand around in the parking lot instead of the road .........


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