Police Drop Drug Charges on 'Jumpoff'

A roundup of some of the more "interesting" police reports.

Some Woodbridge residents reported a suspicious vehicle in their neighborhood. When police arrived and checked inside the rented U-Haul, they . A person inside the vehicle reportedly confessed to killing the victim in New Haven a couple days earlier.


Imagine being woken up out of a deep sleep by the . That's what happened to Mary Jane Ziehl and Kobi Beaulieu on Sunday, June 11, when Jeffrey Tuohy fell asleep at the wheel, according to Middlebury police.


First they allegedly break into her home, then one allegedly throws a liquid on her in an attempt to intimidate her.

That's what . He's from New Haven, she is from Hamden and they allegedly robbed a Hamden home last November and are now facing intimidation charges after the man threw an unidentified liquid on the victim when she was walking down a street this past March.


by warrant Wednesday for pulling a gun on the family of his teenage friend last month, police said.

During an incident on May 20, at the Naugatuck Motor Lodge on New Haven Road, Lautan Gainey, 21, was with a 17-year-old girl when the girl’s parents showed up in the morning, police said.


A suspected Latin Kings street gang member with the nickname this week for allegedly dealing crack cocaine within 1500 feet of a school in that town.



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