Police: Hondas Being Targeted by Thieves

One Milford resident wakes up to find her car on rocks with all four tires stolen.

Kimberly Hilton was shocked this morning when she walked out of her Central Avenue apartment to find her 2003 Honda Civic jacked up onto rocks with its tires missing.

"This is the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen," she said, noting how her and her friends just had to laugh about it and, of course, snap a few pics with their cell phones. "What else are you going to do," she added, while grabbing a cup of coffee from .

Hilton, a teacher at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, said she has always felt safe on Central Avenue, which is downtown near the Milford Metro-North train station.

Hilton is not the only one in town who has fallen victim to what Milford Police are calling an "increase in activity."

A 1999 Honda Civic was stolen last night from Pearl Hill Street; it was found in Bridgeport, as were the alleged thieves, according to Milford Police. On Nov. 6, a Honda SUV on Eastern Parkway had its four tires and rims stolen, police said.

"Over the past few days we have some thefts obviously targeting Honda type vehicles," said Jeffrey Nielsen, Milford Police Department's Public Information Officer. "Our patrol division is aware of the circumstances and is actively investigating."

What Can Residents Do?

Nielsen said if residents have access to a garage, park vehicles there and keep them locked. Take advantage of outside lighting, too. "Lighting is a deterent to thefts as well," Nielsen said.

He noted that the police department's partnership with the community is key in situations like this. Anyone who observes suspicous activity should contact Milford Police at 203-878-6551.

Hondas are 'Hot Wheels'

After conducting a quick search online, Nielsen reported, "Hondas do rank up there with vehicles that are targeted for theft. It’s up in the top.”

Indeed, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau's "Hot Wheels" report, the 1994 Honda Accord and 1997 Honda Civic rank most popular cars stolen in Connecticut.

In March, West Haven Police issued a warning in that city after a rash of thefts involving Hondas, the New Haven Register reported.

Hilton, who just finished paying off her Honda Civic in July, said she is thinking about getting a different kind of car.

Shannon brophy February 27, 2013 at 12:51 PM
Hondas are popular with minorities. Therefore Hondas are #1 stolen car. Duh


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