Kitten Found Dead Results in Arrest

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Police say a Stratford woman threw two kittens out of her car while driving near Ferry Boulevard Thursday morning.

One kitten died as a result of the alleged incident, according to police. Stratford Animal Control also siezed four more kittens from the 73-year-old's vehicle.

The woman was arrested on two counts of cruelty to animals. She denied the charges and said she was on her way to drop them off at a rescue shelter in Westport.

Cops: Alleged Drug Deal Goes Wrong

A New Haven man was arrested for allegedly stealing money from his ex-girlfriend -- money that she was reportedly going to use to buy marijuana from him.

A fight reportedly broke out during the alleged transaction and that's when, police said, the man smashed the windshield of a truck and then took off with the cash.

Police didn't arrest the woman, but the man was taken in on charges of robbery and criminal mischief.

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A Norwalk man was arrested on a charge of breach of peace in the second degree after at the Fairfield Center Metro North station after the victim refused to trade the man a cigarette for a beer.


A Fairfield resident reported that someone placed a in her backyard. No clue as to who did it, police said.


A Fairfield resident reported a to police. Upon closer inspection, police realized the rotating circle of light above the resident’s home was coming from a spotlight for an event taking place on a main road. The resident disagreed, adding that he was not a drunk.

Lorrie October 26, 2011 at 02:36 PM
What a terrible, terrible thing to do to innocent, little kittens!!


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