Elm Street Fire Spreads to Neighbor's House

Jillian Medina's husband yelled for her to grab their 4 and a 1/2 month-old twins and dogs and get out of the house.

Updated on August 13th at 2:31 p.m.:

Captain Christopher Zak of the Milford Fire Department has confirmed that the fire originated at 10 Elm St.

Original Story:

"My husband saw a glow coming through the window," says Jillian Medina of 14 Elm Street, describing a fire on Elm Street that the Medinas became aware of early Monday morning at 1:45 a.m.

The fire damaged 10-12 Elm Street as well as the Medinas home.

The Medinas rushed out of their house, bringing their 4 1/2 year old twins and dogs to safety.

10-12 Elm Street was "unoccupied at the time of the fire," according to .

Captain Zak went on to note that "the fire is still under investigation" and stated that the department is trying "to determine the area of origin and then the cause" of the fire.

"The house has no power or anything," Jillian Medina says of the neighboring house of 10-12 Elm St, which features a sign that reads "Private Property."

It is unclear at this time if anyone lives at 10-12 Elm St.

Medina praised the work of the Milford Fire Department. "They were well-trained and well-directed."

The fire lasted for "a long time," according to Jillian Medina, who added, "It kept coming back to life."

Ryan Sartor (Editor) August 13, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Updated on August 13th at 2:31 p.m.: Captain Christopher Zak of the Milford Fire Department has confirmed that the fire originated at 10 Elm St.
MikeS August 13, 2012 at 07:52 PM
If the property was unoccupied, had no power and a "private property" sign was posted, then presumably the property had been foreclosed on in the not so distant past. These types of situations are exhibit #1 for why foreclosure is a horrid thing for a community ans should be fought tooth and nail. Any reasonably responsible occupant would have working smoke detectors and the fire department might have been alerted long before the neighbors saw bright flames through their window, by which point it was too late to protect their property from harm. If the property had indeed been foreclosed, I think their should be culpability on the bank that has taken custody of the property. Huge tracts of homes all over the country remain dark and unoccupied, killing property value and exposing neighbors to risk, in many situations because banks couldn't or wouldn't show flexibility in dealing with the previous owners. Every situation is unique, but it seems the news is saturated with stories about foreclosed homes and the blight they bring along with them. It could be presumptuous to assume the abandoned home was foreclosed, and if it wasn't, then the current owner should be taken to task too. Homes shouldn't be sitting unoccupied like this for extended periods of time. Too many bad things can happen, e.g. pest infestation, fires, squatters, etc.
Elm St August 14, 2012 at 01:55 AM
It was not a foreclosure...It was an 83 year old man who went into a nursing home...there was a 'tenant' that had to be evicted and so on....long story...now in the hands of the probate court...several lawyers involved...very sad situation...and a NIGHTMARE for the neighbors!!!!!!!!!


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