Despite Allegedly Being Stabbed, Milford Man is Arrested

Milford man charged with breach of peace.

Despite being allegedly stabbed with a knife, Michael Meahan, 49, of Wiley Avenue, was charged with breach of peace for his role in the Lafayette Street incident, which occurred earlier this month, police said. 

Police said on June 3 at 1:29 a.m. they received several 911 calls regarding a disturbance in front of 31 Lafayette Street. Investigation led to an arrest warrant being issued for Meahan, who is accused of engaging in a physical altercation with Gustave Meyers, police said. 

During the altercation Meahan was allegedly injured with a knife by Meyers, police said. Meyers was released on a promise to appear in Superior Court, Milford on July 15. 

Jennifer Powers June 20, 2014 at 10:38 AM
The repeated false information that has been reported in this case involving the stabbing of Mr. Meahan has been so hurtful and frustrating to his family it is beyond belief. The article by Mr. McCready once again speaks to the fact this reporter did not check the facts before writing this article. With a quick fact check (that takes two minutes on the internet) Mr. McCready would have been able to see that it was NOT Mr. Meyers that was released on "promise to appear" in regards to this case. Mr. Meyers was realeased on a $75,000 bond to appear in Superior Court on July 8 at 10 am for the 1rst Degree Assault for the stabbing of Mr. Meahan. Mr. Meyers was realeased on "promise to apear" for an additional charge of 3rd Degree for an assault on Melissa Meahan that evening and disturbing the peace and is scheduled for July 8 as well. Mr. Meyers is NOT scheduled on July 15 for any of the 4 pending cases against him (in Bridgeport and Milford) Mr. Meahan, however, was released with "promise to appear" for breach of peace (misdemeanor charege)on July 15. I hope going forward that facts are checked before printing.


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