900 People Apply To Become A Milford Police Officer

547 candidates pass the physical part.

courtesy of the Milford Police Department
courtesy of the Milford Police Department

The Milford Police Department is currently in the process of testing for the position of new police officers and the department has received more than 900 applications for this testing process.

On June 14 the Milford Police Department Recruitment Team led the physical agility phase of the testing process, which was a huge success with 547 applicants passing this phase, according to a police press release. 

These applicants will proceed to the next phase of the testing process which will involve a written exam to be held on June 28. Applicants who pass this phase will then proceed through the testing process, which will include an oral interview, psychological screening, drug screening, background screening which includes polygraph testing and a medical assessment, according to the press release.

The Milford Police Department will develop an employment eligibility list from the successful applicants which will be utilized for one year to fill current and anticipated vacancies within the Milford Police Department.

The Milford Police Department is currently anticipating the start of our next police academy session “Platoon # 24” to commence in the Fall of 2014. 

The academy session will be held at the Milford Police Department’s Training Facility at Simon Lake, which is the oldest satellite police training academy in the State of Connecticut. 

This academy session will involve approximately 27 weeks of education through classroom instruction, a challenging physical fitness program and hands on learning through several experienced law enforcement and subject matter experts.

Honor, Commitment, Integrity, Teamwork and Respect are the core values of the Milford Police Department and the Training Academy, according to the press release. 

The Milford Police Department welcomes all those involved in this testing process who are seeking a rewarding and challenging career with the Milford Police Department. 


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