Shopping for School Supplies?

Check out our price comparisons.

It starts with “What do you need for school this year?” and ends with “Wow! That was expensive!” It’s no secret that each year’s start-up supplies for school cost more and more.

We went out shopping for some of the most popular items, comparison-priced for you, and combined our local findings with a list on ABC-TV’s Good Morning America's website.

The prices were gathered during the week of August 15-19 and may differ from what you find when you visit the stores. Please use the list as a guideline.

ABC’s Mellody Hobson appeared on Good Morning America with some money-saving tips for back-to-school shopping.

Her first recommendation was:  when shopping for school supplies,  shop without the kids. This reduces the urge to impulse shop or give in to begging for unnecessary items.

Also, she revealed that “a recent survey found that fathers planned to spend $39 more on average than [mothers.]"

Finally, newspapers and individual websites have coupons and bargains worth spending a little time investigating. If you find something worth sharing, please let us know.


Happy Shopping!


Spiral Notebooks (various brands)


80-page $1.50-$2.50

100-page college rule $1.50

Recycled “Sasquatch” spiral notebook $2.47


100-page $2.00

3-subject $3.99

Ocean State Job Lot

70-page wide ruled        $.79

6” x 4” 200-page $2.00


3-subject $3.00

100-page $1.79

XPect Discounts

3-subject $.99


3-subject $5.29



3-Ring Binders

Ocean-State Job Lot

            3” binder $5.00

            2” binder $3.00

            1 ½” binder  $2.00


            3” binder $9.97 (Heavy duty)

            2” binder $4.28

            1” binder  $3.97


            1” binder (medium weight) $8.49

            2” binder (medium weight)$12.49



Loose Leaf Paper for 3-ring binders


100 pack $1.50


120 pack $.79


150 pack $.75

Dollar Tree

150 pack $1.00



Colored Pencils and Markers


            Crayola 12-pack $2.00

            Crayola 24-pack $4.00

            Sharpie markers 4-pack $7.00


            Crayola 12-pack $.97

            Crayola 24-pack $3.97

            Sharpie highlighers 4-pack $1.47


            Crayola 24-pack $1.99

XPect Discounts

            Crayola 12-pack $1.39


26-pack Bic colored pencils $4.19

Ocean State Job Lot

Papermate Flair colored pens, package of four: $2.00


Pens and Pencils

Dollar Tree

12-pack of pencils $1.00


Bic mechanical pencils, package of 5 $2.84

10-pack #2 pencils $.50


12-pack of pencils $1.77

10-pack BIC “Cristal” ballpoint pens $.99


10-pack pencils $.99 (1 free)

Xpect Discounts

10-pack pencils $.33 

Larissa Watt August 23, 2011 at 03:25 PM
I bought 6, 1 subject notebooks for just 1 cent each at Staples! It was eligible with a $5.00 purchase. Can't beat that.
Judy Goldwyn August 23, 2011 at 07:18 PM
That beats anything I saw! Good catch, Larissa.
RONALD M GOLDWYN August 24, 2011 at 12:36 PM
I was about to post the same deal when I spotted Ms Watt's posting. My school shopping days are long gone and my youngest grandson now enters his senior year.


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