‘Merely a Prelude to Death and Deficits’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.


“They did it again!!! Who cares about children's education? Let see what is going [to be] the next ‘budget cut.’ I was wondering with today's technology, the Board of Education would not really need a whole building for its office. Instead they could have one office taken from each school to accommodate them all. Why only parents and kids have to be sacrificed in order save some money?” Naugatuck officials are due to budget problems. thinks the kids end up losing.   


“I can't believe this is continued again, enough is enough. I'm sure it's costing us taxpayers every time she goes to court and each time it's pushed off to another court date. Why is it if we don't pay our taxes on time we get notices and interest upon late fees but she just gets to keep going on with her normal daily activities? Meanwhile all the money she took is getting spent faster than ever, the longer this goes on the less money there's going to be to recover.” A former Oxford tax collector is . wants swift justice.


“Senators Rubio and Lieberman are part of what Ike called the 'military-industrial complex.' Every day they look for new opportunities to make war (and money). Yesterday it was Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Today it is Iran and Syria. Their use or words like 'unthinkable' and 'unacceptable' is merely a prelude to death and deficits. Neither one ever served in the military.” In an article about local politicians, takes aim at outgoing Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.


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