Plateaus are For Jumping Off

Taking risks is never a bad thing. Not taking them at all is worse. Previously published at upotheroofllc.com

There I am posting comments on a Facebook status of someone I've never met...yes, I'm that guy. (Listen, if we're going to be social media friends, you have to expect comments.) Don't worry it was all on the up and up and I laid out a thought I've consistently held about actors, in this case, but in reality it can relate to anyone working anywhere.

At some point, we stop learning. We grow content. We rely on our old habits developed in school. We depend on those life lessons learned many years ago as a teenager. We fall back on the skills we learned in our jobs. And then...we stop. We plateau educationally and maybe a little emotionally and mentally.

I still believe this about people. But, like a dolt, I didn't realize I was talking about myself. (I know...classic Psychology 101, Field.) Regardless of outside circumstances, we are all in control of our destinies. Please. It's an excuse to say that the reason you're not being promoted or you're not doing better in your life is directly because of others or rather, my favorite, circumstances beyond your control.

I'm where I am in this life because I've allowed it. And so are you.

So, what do you plan to do about it? If you accept it, good for you. You have some contentment and inner peace. I congratulate you. If you don't accept it, then join me and start learning some more. 

I've started reading all those writing books I once eschewed to my bookcase because I thought they'd shade my writing style. Hogwash! Bring it on! I've accepted opportunities beyond my range. Mind you, not opportunities I cannot perform or perform well. But calculated risks with the knowledge that it will require 150% of my time and energy. I welcome that. I want that. The Mike from a few years ago would've made excuses and avoided such chances. That Mike was afraid. 

Don't you be afraid. If you're like me and you want more, then go take it. If you feel like you're on a plateau then, if you've read the title of this blog post...perhaps you need to back up and get a running start.

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