Small City--Big Snow

Do you have a heartwarming or silly Nemo story to share?

I've read heartwarming stories of neighbors tending to the sick and elderly as well as entire streets shoveling themselves out. Even Emt's and firefighters carrying residents from inaccessible areas were a common sight.

Sure, we can complain about streets not being properly plowed and kids losing their vacations but atleast we have our lives as 2 residents tragically lost theirs during the storms aftermath. Storms Nemo and Sandy show how fragile humanity is to natural disaster.

Unfortunately there are always things that go wrong even with the best preparation but I feel pretty fortunate to be in Milford even though we received the worst of the blizzard.

Luckily--very luckily-- most did not lose power as many did with the last 2 storms. Imagine being snowbound for days without power--yikes! Atleast after Storm Sandy residents were able to leave their homes in search of power..I am not downplaying Sandy as I know many lost homes--just looking on the bright side of things;-)

Not only did our community come to together and survive Sandy (I can name countless acts of kindness our town committed during that time!)  we hung tight after Nemo.

The week of the blizzard..I lost my car/house keys in a 6 foot pile of snow, my son's boot was MIA  in another pile as we attempted to walk to a family member's house to help them shovel..THEN when it was time to plow the parking lot of my home my car happened to be in the way and would not start. After the car finally started days after the blizzard I was anxious to get a bite to eat.. Immediately after leaving my house I  got stuck on a side road I probably shouldn't have been traveling down in the first place. I am also pretty sure on more than a few occasions my fingers and toes were in pain from the snow.

Well, all of these scenarios have a happy ending as my keys were found after a day and a half of digging thru snow and dumpster (my friend ended up locating them with a  metal detector--go ahead--laugh--but atleast they were found--lol).....My son's Timberland boot was found after a few days (after snow started melting)..when my car wouldn't start rather than having to wait for roadside service, the plow truck drivers were kind enough to lend me gas and spend atleast a half hour trying to jumpstart my car..I also had a nice surprise after I came downstairs the day before to find a neighbor shoveling out my car (must have took him about 2 hours).

During my key crisis I wasn't able to get to the duck pond to feed the starving geese (the ones down there cannot fly or get to a food source when there's so much snow and the pond is frozen) but a group of kind women were already on the case..in fact they even cleared a path for the birds..When I was able to get to the pond my keys ended up falling out of my pocket (yes, again)..Thankfully by this time there was alot less snow so I was able to find them quickly:-)

So, that is my snow story. I am happy my kids and I survived..we had food, (how many of you waited hours in line before the blizzard?) we had power..we were safe..and best of all..we had great neighbors..I am proud to say I live in Milford--the small city with a big heart..

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Krista February 23, 2013 at 04:13 PM
I am so glad everything worked out for you and I too am glad to be a milford citizen . The White Geese are awesome as a small group of us feed them almost every day and sometimes twice a day , we have put down hay , and received some donations of feed and hay and we thank you and everyone that has either mentioned them or helped.
Larissa Watt February 23, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Thanks for your dedication to local animals Krista..You guys are great!


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