Opening Reception: Thursday, December 13th - "Following the Sun Over Charles Island"

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"I am instinctively drawn to nature. Nature fascinates me as it never stands still. There is something new to see every day. The ever changing colors of the trees, sky, sun and water have been the inspiration for my photography. Ten years ago, my husband and I bought a condo on Walnut Beach and a new adventure began. I noticed how beautiful the sunrises over Charles Island were and could not resist the urge to get up early in the morning to photograph them. I am not an early riser and in June it was getting up around five o’clock!

To quote the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus “The sun is new each day”; it has a profound affect how we see our surroundings. In this exhibit, I present a sequence of photographs for each month of the year depicting sunrises over Charles Island as well as dawn and dusk. The area photographed is the same, but what we see changes from day to day. The position of the sun is different as we travel in time, the sky colors are never the same, and there is the low tide and high tide, stormy and calm waters and much more. Some days are more beautiful than others, but there always is something so very fascinating about each brand new day even in our own backyard."

-- Hedi Minow-Pike

Hedi's beautiful perception on how Earth shows herself to us is very poignant during this time as we climb up and out of the rubble left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. She captures what resonates within each of us that a slight gasp can be heard. Not manipulating her images, she holds that true one moment in time of beauty that can be lost in the blink of an eye as Earth rotates, revolving around Sun.

So who truly is the center of the universe? In retrospect, it is hoped that we see Earth as the center of our universe; for she gives of herself every second of every minute of every hour of every day. She bears fruits and vegetables for us to eat; she grows trees to help us breathe which is a fascinating way of giving and receiving because trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe and we dispel carbon dioxide which trees and plants need to breathe. Of trees, we also receive wood to build structures to protect ourselves. Earth also houses animals who give us food to sustain our lives....we must think again when we become a bit narcissist and think we are the center of the universe when in actuality we are not.

Hedi's photography brings us back to reality with a "Hey, take the time to stop and smell the roses; or the coffee" because it does depend where you are but the meaning is the same. "...ever changing..." the key words that are synonymous to our lives. Sometimes we need to be shaken up a bit to make us move; to create something; to see that it is time to change; or it is time to help, or it is time to ask for help because our pride gets in the way. So, Earth will do this for us if we don't pay attention. The wake-up calls to our life's situations.

We are awakened each morning to the sounds of an alarm; music; talk shows; the sounds of the garbage truck. Some of us prefer to hear the sounds of birds, dogs barking, the whinnying of horses and their hooves hitting the pavement as they are brought to pasture each morning. Or, perhaps wind, rain and the uncanny silence when it is snowing. We all have our vices that shake us with a wake-up call each morning; however, Hedi's ability to capture it helps us to see something we might have missed.

Earth's recent destruction left in the "wake" from "Sandy" is a "wake"-up call for us; it is time for us to unite to help heal those affected by her, to rebuild communities, and to perhaps take a moment to see why it happened and what causes created it. We will find it is time to heal Earth before the sickness that has enveloped her gets worse.

Hedi Minow-Pike's poignant photographs remind us that as we seek aid in every aspect of our lives to heal and rebuild, let us seek aid for Earth because if we don't Hedi's photographs will be all that is left of Earth to remember her by.

Hedi's Opening Reception will be on Thursday, December 13th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Join us! Take a break from the craziness and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year as we will celebrate with food, music, and dancing!

"“The sun is new each day” - Heraclitus, Greek philosopher"

Dawn is the precursor to a new day, a new beginning...


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