Town Considers Changing Election Date; Olympic Pool Bubble Has Life Again; and More

“The Towns Around Us” takes a look at what’s making news in neighboring communities.

NORTH BRANFORD – The community’s sense of security and safety was shaken this week when four masked men armed with guns invaded a Northford home, tied up the occupants, ransacked the residence and made off in the family’s truck.

Three of the occupants, including one child, were tied up during the home invasion, . One of the suspects reportedly poked the child with a knife, but no one was injured, according to police.

The suspects were described as four black males, police said. A search for them continues.

Meanwhile, a Wallingford man, , added an incentive to catch the suspects when his foundation donated $7,000 for the reward of their capture — putting the at $10,000.

BETHWOOD – Timing is everything. And for Woodbridge, town officials think moving its municipal elections from May to November would prove to be perfect timing.

Woodbridge is one of only a handful of Connecticut municipalities that holds elections in May. Neighboring Bethany is another. But officials in that town don’t see a reason to change — they think it sets them apart and has been working just fine.

For Woodbridge, it breaks down to numbers: voter turnout in May was 30.9 percent, compared to 95 percent in the 2008 presidential election, which took place in November. Holding elections in May can also cost a town more money.

Naugatuck, another town that holds elections in May, has already initiated the change via the formation of a charter revision commission. Woodbridge says it will also take that approach.
CHESHIRE – Joy literally bubbled up at the town council meeting this week when members voted to approve funding to replace the all-season cover for the town’s Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The bubble was irreparably damaged during a snowstorm this past winter, and its fate had been in limbo since. An agreement between the town and its insurance company — to accept a $284,000 reimbursement – helped put air back into the bubble and set the stage for the approval.

It’s expected the bubble will be back in action in November, Cheshire Patch reports.


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