Recent Milford Home Sales (Map)

Scroll over tabs in interactive map to see how much houses are selling for in your neck of the woods.


The Milford City Clerk's office reports the following recent real estate transactions:

22 Minute Man Drive sold on August 1st for $289,000.

149 Clark Street sold on August 1st for $221,000.

138 Old Field Lane sold on August 1st for $325,000.

10 Hubbel Place sold on August 1st for $307,000.

80 Snow Apple Lane sold on August 1st for $258,000.

46 Covington Drive sold on August 2nd for $318,000.

58 Morning Mist Road sold on August 3rd for $231,500.

111-113 Bridgeport Ave. sold on August 6th for $125,000.

3 Nutmeg Lane sold on August 6th for $268,500.

236 Meadowside Road sold on August 8th for $170,000.


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