Milford's Most Popular Stories in 2011

With 2011 nearing an end, Milford Patch takes a look at its most popular stories of the year.

These are the top-five most popular stories of 2011, according to you, our readers!


It’s not every day that a massive feline is spotted in Milford, but when it does happen, people are interested. The bobcat was spotted by an alert reader, who shared the photo with Milford Patch. The bobcat is a protected species that does not normally interfere with humans, according to the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection.


The holiday hordes looking for deals apparently became unruly this year. Milford police Tasered one shopper and another was arrested. Several people screamed and ran away from a large crowd, mentioning something about a fight as they headed towards the store exit," reported Brian D'Amico, who was at the store. Some of the biggest deals at the included a 51-inch plasma TV for  $498 and DVDs starting at $1.96.


It was a sad scene on Branca Court when Milford police investigated what appeared to be a murder-suicide of a married couple.


Succulent burgers, an assortment of beverages and a decadent double chocolate cake were just some of the reasons why the opening of the was big news. "The best burgers I've ever had," said Chris Fryxell of Windsor as he dined on a burger at the restaurant's ribbon cutting ceremony.


This event had all the makings of a tragedy. An 18-year-old young woman fell from a bridge in an apparent suicide attempt. "She was sitting on the edge and pushed herself off," Milford police spokesman Jeffrey Nielsen said. Fortunately, the person lived after she landed on a grassy section of the breakdown lane.

Other chart-topping content from the past year included:

RONALD M GOLDWYN December 31, 2011 at 02:41 PM
Of the top five events we list only one happy event. Why is this so? I'm sure the glad tidings outnumbered the sad ones. May you all have a healthy New Year.


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