Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town?

The Grand Finale!

Is there any pizza left in town because I believe we ate it all--29 weeks of every slice in the city.

We've had everything from sicilian to egg and bacon pie!

My kids and I had much fun on our mission. As I was writing this column tonight, I decided it was unfair that I choose the best pizza in town when there were two reviews I hadn't written myself due to being absent. One was an establishment I had visited countless times on my own but the other I hadn't visited in years. To be fair, I headed to Franco's pizzeria downtown this evening for dinner. Good thing we did, because after a bite of Franco's, it pushed another out of the running!

Before being area pizza "connoisseur," my daughter's favorite pizza was Slices on Naugatuck Avenue. She then changed it to Mama Teresa's but after this evening decided Franco's was the best she has had in town. My son, well, he is a little guy and his favorite pizza is--every pizza.

This wasn't an easy decision for me because I have had really good pizza at many places. We are lucky to live in a town that has the flavor of New York- and New Haven-style pizza around.


Best Brick Oven Pizza:  Mozzarella 

1st place: Papa's Pizza

2nd place: Jimmy's

3rd Place: Paisan's

Honorable mention: Al Dente


Best Pizza (no brick oven):


1st place: Michael Anthony's

2nd place: Franco's

3rd place: Armellino's

Honorable mention: Mama Teresa's


Best meat pie:


1st: East Shore Pizza's Meat Lover's pie

2nd: Athen's chicken cordon bleu pie

3rd: Papa's pepperoni pie


Best Veggie Pie:


There is only one of these! The best broccoli pie ever created is at Franco's! If you are a reader of my column you know just how much I love broccoli. Franco serves up a mozzarella pie with chopped broccoli covering every inch and seasoned perfectly with garlic.


Gone but not forgotten:

~Bazso's clams casino and Peter Pan's chili pies~

thomas rak jr June 11, 2011 at 12:09 PM
Francos BLT pizza is great. The decision you made looks good to me
jane fugiero June 11, 2011 at 01:37 PM
I'm glad Paisans was on the list. Cute salad bar, fresh, tasty thin crust pies, soda.Nice people. Just a great deal for the price. We go there often and are always satisfied with the quality. Try it, you'll like it!
Bob Rocco June 12, 2011 at 06:41 PM
I love the pies at Paisan's. I am a regular there and they have become my favorite pizza joint taking the place of a much more local shop which I have loved and been a customer of for over 30 years. That says a lot about the quality of the pizza at Paisan's. Taking into account the amazing quality of the pie, the remarkably low unbeatable price and choices in the buffet that you can get with it, that makes Paisan's far and away the number one choice in my opinion.
Regg June 14, 2011 at 03:21 PM
never thought i'd miss a food column but I will miss this one. This was an "unsnooty" column that was fun to read. what she wrote made us laugh so much. you can really tell her love for food but she is funny sometimes too talking about her sons. my friends and wife and me would read it every week and talk about it then go out for pizza the next week at the reviewed parlor. then we'd "review" it ourselves. Gave us oldies something to do. We agree Papa's and michael anthony's is the best. We liked 4 brothers too. I though Mama Teresa's shoulda got a higher rating but I guess it's hard with all the places in town. We didnt try paisans . only place we havent. kind of skipped it being at an arcade and all but will try it soon since it was highly reviewed. Is she going to keep doing reviews? If so, what's next? How bout the best beer in town? That would be fun for us to follow. Or best breakfast. My wife had a question. She saw patch posted taste of nation at yale for events on this site on front page but we didn't see any follow up coverage. Bit disappointing. Thought for sure this girl would cover it since she does food and it's a big thing. we went to it.
Larissa Watt June 14, 2011 at 06:04 PM
Regg, Thanks so much! You brightened my day. I do not include full face shots of the kids or myself so the restaurants are not aware ahead of time I am doing a review. I try to take quick shots without the restaurant seeing:-) If you are referring to The Taste Of The Nation fundraiser, I actually was in attendance but did not cover it. It was a wonderful showcase of food and wine. Though MilfordPatch may post local events in the area to keep everyone informed, we do not cover every one. Also, the event was in New Haven and there is not a local Patch for that city. Glad to hear you and your wife went to to support the hungry!
Bob Rocco June 22, 2011 at 01:09 AM
I have also heard good things about MichaelAngelo's pies, but sadly, they are no longer in business. A good reason to give Paisan's a try just a half mile up the road. I am embarrassed to say that for the longest time, I felt like a previous commenter, Regg, I would not give Paisan's a try because it was at an arcade. My mistake for two reasons, first, it is NOT in an arcade, it is simply next to one, they are two completely separate businesses. The restaurant suffers from the "curse of Smiles" in that many eateries that were in that location were thought of as "in the arcade" and at some points in the past, that arcade was not the most hospitable location, so the eateries failed or moved out on their own. The second reason I passed was I had to wonder what quality could the pie (or any of the food) be for under $7.00? Well hunger, a low budget and curiosity sent me in the first time, and I have been going back ever since. Every assumption I had about the restaurant was just so wrong. The old "don’t judge a book by its cover" cliche comes to mind. The place says it makes gourmet pizza, and they absolutely do (all their food is fresh and homemade). I defy anyone to find ANY quality of food, much less homemade gourmet quality food, in a buffet for under $10.00! This restaurant should be packed every day! Plus the staff are great, they treat you like family. Give it a try; I am sure you’ll agree.


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