Who Makes The Best Pizza In Town?


Reggiano's Pizza & Pasta House is a new Italian restaurant located at 487 Bridgeport Ave. in Milford.

The menu boasts medium and large pies with a choice of 27 toppings. There are also specialty pies to choose from.

I was tempted by dishes such as cavatelli Marco Polo and gnocchi bolognese, but decided to stick with a salad so my appetite would not be ruined for pizza.

I decided on a medium "chicken ranch" pie. My son chose a small mozzarella.

While waiting for pizza, I was brought the spinach salad (baby spinach, red onion, wild mushrooms, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, eggs and a balsamic bacon reduction). The spinach was dressed eloquently with red onions and cherry tomato halves. Egg quarters lined the plate. The salad itself did not contain bacon, but the dressing gave a hint of it. The bacon balsamic reduction and the creamy texture of the goat cheese meshed well with the fresh baby spinach. The salad was delicious -- and large enough for two.

My son's pie was made up of eight small slices and topped with generous amounts of gooey mozzarella. The taste and look of the pizza was comparable to what you would make at home. This isn't a bad thing. The pizza was evenly cooked to perfection. The crust was a tad crispy, but chewy. It's the type I love to dip in sauce. However, it was lacking flavor.

At this point, there were no dishes of pasta with sauce for me to dunk in, so I appreciated the bottles of olive oil that adorned each table. My little pizza guy didn't seem to mind the crust and polished off all his slices.

My medium ranch pie was served on a square pan accompanied by bottles of fresh parmesan cheese and pepper flakes. The pie was also cooked perfectly with each slice oozing with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Thick pieces of chopped bacon and cubes of chicken soaked in ranch sauce with broccoli made for a tasty pie. Each slice was filling so I could eat only two.

As we waited for dessert, I admired the decor. It was interesting to observe the transformation from former diner to an Italian eatery. The walls and ceiling are done in black and complemented by large booths cushioned in maroon. There are tables along the booths -- and the former diner counter was turned into a small bar/lounge area.

The apple tart was light, but crispy and overcooked. It was served with a spoon and I had much difficulty getting through to the bottom. The caramel infusion with fresh whipped cream and powdered sugar did make up for what the crisp lacked.

My son somehow found room to polish off his vanilla sundae with chocolate sauce. The presentation was nice in a martini glass, but I found it to be overpriced at the cost of $7.00 for a small serving.

The rest of the dinner was reasonably priced, the service good (I loved the teamwork of the two waitresses helping one another), and I am looking forward to trying the chicken sorrentino that I overheard the next table raving about.


Bottom Line: Reggiano's makes a decent pie.



1 orange fountain soda: $2.00

1 carafe of water w/lemon: no charge

1 small cheese pizza: $7.00

1 medium chicken ranch pizza: $11.00

1 spinach salad: $7.00

1 apple tart:$7.00

1 ice cream:$7.00


$42.46 + tip


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