Who Has the Best Ice Cream in Town?

Is it Walnut Beach Creamery?

Lavender and fig, grape nut, carrot cake, PB and J? No, I'm not offering you snacks -- these are just a small sample of the flavors available at .

When you step into this parlor, it is bright and festive. The walls are decorated in bright yellow and pink -- even the phone and employees are in pink. There is no indoor seating but you can find patrons enjoying their ice cream in a quaint sitting area outside in the back or out on the front steps by the take-out window.

When we walked in, my son immediately spotted blue ice cream so he ordered a small/regular sugar cone. His little cone was loaded with so many scoops that I can't believe he didn't drop it.

His "Sandi Annie" consisted of vanilla ice cream dyed blue with Goldfish brand (and shaped) pretzels. It may sound like a weird mix but the combination of salty and sweet meshed well. Plus, it is a fun flavor for kids. What child doesn't like blue ice cream and pretzels?

My daughter and sister decided on the 'Mad Mollye" flavor on a cake cone. My sister stated it had too much cinnamon flavor yet she didn't want to share.

"Did you use that spoon before," was what I heard when I tried to scoop out some of her cone.

If you happen to be a fan of dark chocolate and cinnamon, this is the flavor for you. There are also pieces of oreo every few bites.

At this point I wasn't sure what flavor to choose. Everything I had so far was good.

The girl serving us behind the counter was so sweet and patient. She happily served up samples on tiny spoons while I decided. My spoonful of carrot cake tasted like it's name, but not overpowering. My spoonful did not have actual cake in it but the bucket it came from did.

I also tried PB & J. This ice cream was quite interesting. It was vanilla ice cream that tasted subtly of peanut butter with grape jelly mixed in.

At this point I just wanted to try them all but there were other people waiting. I really like Twix bars so I ordered a small cup of that flavor ... but wait!

The menu boasting homemade hot fudge caught my eye so I made it into a small hot fudge sundae. The fudge caused the ice cream to start melting fast so I had to eat quick to keep up with it.

I scooped up the whipped cream quickly. The whipped cream wasn't homemade -- it isn't at most places, but I felt they should follow the theme here with their handmade ice cream.

I didn't taste much of the Twix in my bowl but it was hard to tell because there was lots of hot fudge and it was so good. The hot fudge was thick and definitely homemade. I was worse than the kids and made a mess of myself by the time I was finished.

My daughter also ordered a fresh squeezed lemonade (It is also available in strawberry). It was more sour than sweet, but she loved it. 

My only small gripe was I felt the ice cream could use a bit more generosity when it comes to the bits which are mixed in. Besides that, it is creamy and delicious.

The portions are generous, the service quick and friendly and the price, right. The lovely sitting area in the back and the close proximity to the beach are an extra bonus.

Total bill for three small cones, one sundae and one lemonade: $10.92 (They insisted on not charging for my daughter's cone due to the fact that she ordered half a scoop)

is open from April until Halloween. Cakes and pies are available and made to order.

Tiffany Whitaker July 01, 2012 at 01:55 PM
We are loyal fans of the creamery, just the best ice cream and the staff is always so friendly :)


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