Mustang Sally's Brings the West to Milford

A former police officer introduces Milford to the classic western saloon.

If you're looking for a casual watering hole complete with line dancing and a steer skull, you won't have to travel south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Former Stamford police officer Dennis Jordhamo has created the classic, log cabin-style saloon right here in Milford - . Pool tournaments and mechanical bull riding with a vast array of libations await you at the 765 Boston Post Road location. 

Jordhamo gave Milford Patch a tour of the completely renovated space and shared the story of his success in the Milford community. 

What goes into transitioning from police officer to the owner of a saloon?

Jordhamo: I was a cop in Stamford for 19 years until I had a massive heart attack in 2006. So I retired, took a few years off to play Mr. Mom, got bored and I always said I'd open up a bar when I retired. I took over this building in April and, after extensive renovations, we opened at the beginning of June.

We had to get a liquor permits, equipment for a whole new kitchen system, the tap system, a lot of cosmetic work. We rebuilt the exterior deck, it's a country-themed bar so I logged the entire exterior to make it look like a log cabin.

What can people expect during a night out at Mustang Sally's?

Jordhamo: We've got a new deck with outdoor seating and music, pool tables and dart boards inside. I tore up the ground and put in wood floors for line dancing lessons with a DJ and instructor. There's karaoke on Thursday, Friday nights is always live country music, Saturday is live rock n' roll music, there's a mechanical bull every three of four weeks.

There's a 27-foot bar with pretty much anything you can ask for, we'll always have something you want. There's burgers and sandwiches, ribs, gumbo and soup, 18 different flavors of wings with homemade Jack Daniels sauce. We've even got bacon ranch wings with a strip of bacon on them.

How did the country theme come about?

Jordhamo: All I do is country. I always wanted to open a country bar. There's a pretty big country fan base in Connecticut. The name Mustang Sally's - I used to sing karaoke with my buddy's wife when I lived in Florida and every time I was down there, that was sort of our song. Every week we've got different live country bands. The people love it, they come in to listen and dance. It's mostly local bands in the Conn., Mass., N.Y. Area. Branded will play, they play at the casino and the Hard Rock Cafe. Northern Renegade, every time they're just amazing. Now with the rock n' roll, we're making everyone a little happy.

What has been your biggest struggle over the past few months?

Jordhamo: We've had a couple setbacks. The fire next door on Aug. 2 had us closed for 21 days. We opened only to be slammed by Irene on the 28th, which shut us down for five days and ruined pretty much everything in the basement. My house was on the beach in Milford and that got washed away during Irene. I put both cats in suitcases and escaped in waist-deep water. I tried to get away from the stress of an officer, but it's like the words to a country song...except I'm going to play it backwards and get it all back.

It's a nice business though, you meet a lot of nice people. When you deal with people in law enforcement, you're seeing them at their worst. Here, they're pretty happy. They're coming for birthdays and parties.

Are there any upcoming events we should know about?

Jordhamo: There's a big Super Bowl party coming up. We're going to have lot of special giveaways and prizes. St. Patty's is right around the corner. We do happy hour every Thursday and Friday and set up a huge, free buffet for everyone.

There's a wine tasting to benefit the Junior Womens League on March 15, we're donating the building and the food so they can raise money for their organization.

We did a tasting for the cheerleading squad going to Fla. and cancer run benefits. We're going to keep doing stuff like that so we can help in any way we can.  

DEBBIE JAMIESON January 27, 2012 at 11:49 AM
Can't wait for bourbon cowboys tonight and the Navels Feb 4th at Mustang Sallys
Tina Zukowski January 27, 2012 at 12:01 PM
You don't have to be all country to have a good time at Mustang Sally's! There's always a friendly mix of people and good bartenders. I only wish I could get there more often for Karaoke on Thursdays!
Susan LaFond January 27, 2012 at 01:32 PM
We have been to Mustang Sallys twice...both times we were hoping for some country music after a long workday, but instead were greeted by rock and roll flowing through the sound system. Some of the televisions were showing country music videos and while that was "a little bit country" the rock music just put us off. We would love to know if there's a weeknight where country music is played during happpy hour - we can hear rock anywhere.
LiLo January 27, 2012 at 03:20 PM
The Bourbon Cowboys is on my list of things NOT to miss. It's great to see a Milford business doing so well, Tina is right, they have a GREAT staff there. Anyone from Milford can walk into that place and run into more than a few people they haven't seen in a while.
Bob's Construction January 27, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Tho I am NOT a country fan~ I too am looking forward to checking out this new bar on Feb 4th when The Navels play! I am REALLY hoping they have the mechanical bull that night~I haven't rode the bull in YEARS, but I really want to again!
Dennis Jordhamo January 27, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Hi Susan my name is Dennis and I am the owner of Mustang Sally's. I am sorry to see that you have visited us twice and found no country. I would like to give you a little run down on our schedule. We have Country Line Dancing on Wednesday Nights complete with a DJ and instructor, that starts at 7:30pm On Friday Nights we always do live Country music with a host of bands who have played here in the past 6 months. We also do Country Karaoke which for the most part is country songs, and we have in the past had a guy named Mark Scanlon who plays a mean violin country style and we are looking into some acoustic music to go with our Happy Hours. Also we have a Touch Tunes system that is loaded with Country music in case you would like to pick your own. I hope this anwsers any questions or concerns you may have and please share this information with your friends. If you ever have any questions you can always contact me at (203) 713-8230 or log onto our site on Facebook to get up to date info. And if your a text message person then please text "mustang" to 57711 and you will receive daily updates(and a free drink) as to events happening here. Hope to see you again soon and please say hello next time you are here Thanks Dennis
Debbie January 28, 2012 at 02:24 AM
wish you the best of luck - sounds like a great place
Lorrie January 28, 2012 at 06:41 PM
Looking forward to performing there on Feb. 4th and hopefully will get to see Heidi of Bob's construction ride the mechanical bull! Hahah!! ;) Although we do many rock songs we also do some country like Here for the Party, Shut up and Kiss me, Friends in low Places, My baby loves me just the way that I Am and more. We also do a tribute to Fleetwood Mac. Come join us at Mustang Sally's and plan to have a great time!!


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