Milford's Kimberly Diner to Close in August

Kimberly Diner manager Timmy Tsopanides prepares a burger.
Kimberly Diner manager Timmy Tsopanides prepares a burger.
After 43 years on the Boston Post Road, Kimberly Diner will close in August.

The property the long-time diner sits on has been sold to Colonial Toyota across the street, says manager Timmy Tsopanides.

The diner's last day will be Sunday, Aug. 4.

"We've been here 43 years (but) never had the opportunity to buy the property," he says.

No way, however, is this the end for Kimberly Diner, Tsopanides vows.

"In two weeks I'll know where I'm going," he tells Milford Patch. "We're a Milford institution, so much history here."

Tsopanides says he plans to reopen in Milford and, moreover, the new venture may incorporate another former local landmark restaurant.
J Christine July 20, 2013 at 07:54 AM
J Christine July 20, 2013 at 07:52 am A little back story on the closing. Tim never owned the property, he rented it. He had a verbal agreement with the owner that eventually he would be able to buy it and it was something Tim was comfortable knowing would happen because the property owner and Tim had a cordial business relationship for many years. He wasn't worried about it. The owner passed away suddenly and there was no stipulations in the will about the property so Colonial scooped it up and decided to level it before Tim really had an opportunity to get it. I used to work there at night (before they began closing at 3pm) and really enjoyed my couple of nights a week there. I've worked at many diners and this one was by far the friendliest and my favorite place for a small, part time job. There really is no comparison. Tim, Reyna and George were really a joy to work for. Really nice owners who DON'T treat their employees like dirt like so many other places. Ever go to the Athenian (shiny) diner? Management treats the employees like complete crap. It seems that they enjoy demeaning the employees and "keeping them on their toes" by never knowing how they are going to be treated that particular day. The head manager is just about as unpleasant a person as can be had and not what I would consider a "people person." I don't understand why place treat employees like this. Remember the Waterview on Bpt Ave that was only there for a few years? The owner used to throw things at the employees, barely paid them on time, screamed at the customers and in general was a real unpleasant person to be around. Wonder why they closed up? I really enjoyed working at the Kimberly and working for people that treated me like a human being. That is lost on most businesses these days. I hope Tim, Reyna and George find a new home in Milford and continue their 40years of great service to the citizens of Milford. They are true ambassadors of what a home town business is SUPPOSED to be.
Tmc July 22, 2013 at 12:31 PM
Confirmed this A.M.; it's Pauls. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Closer to my house so I'm all for it!
tlkensington July 22, 2013 at 03:00 PM
Screw that.I will never go there again if they make it so Paul's can never reopen. Paul's>Kimberly Diner. I would donate to Paul's reopening if someone got the ball rolling. There are no good burger places left in Milford. I was hoping one would rise like a Phoenix,
arkay July 23, 2013 at 02:13 AM
tlk - Mr. Mac's is solid. Even though they're not in Milford, Prime 16 and Dive Bar are close enough and have fantastic burgers.


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