Looking for Mike's Specials? Check Facebook

The owners of Mike's Italian Deli & Grill discuss how they market their Milford business using Facebook.


This first edition of 'Plugged into Business' takes a look at located on 16 Red Bush Lane. In addition to making great food, owners Michael and Heather Deicicchi have a great presence on Facebook.

A typical post will include the specials of the day, prices, and an enticing description of the food. People comment on the posts, 'Like' them, and are generally able to interact with Mike and Heather through the Facebook page.

How did you first hear about using Facebook to promote your business?

My brother is actually manager of social media/marketing at where he works so he was the first one to tell us of free advertising opportunities on Facebook. I am amazed how many people use Facebook! It has been a huge opportunity for us in such a simple and inexpensive way. 

What lessons have you learned about social networking since you've started?

I have learned that people love to give information daily about their lives and routines. We really have been fortunate that people comment on our deli and the experiences they have at our place. 

Do you think that Internet marketing is the future or do you think there is still room for traditional ways of getting the word out about your business?

I have to believe that internet marketing is the way to go these days because I am beginning to think that paper publications are of the past for most of our generation and certainly the generations ahead of us. 

What's your personal favorite meal at Mike's Italian Deli & Grill?

We absolutely love everything that Mike makes but a major favorite is our BBQ Pulled Pork that he makes every Wednesday. For an Italian boy, he really makes an unbelievable BBQ!

But he makes Eggplant and Chicken Parm to die for and he is known for his homemade meatballs like Mom used to make! We have enough on the menu to cater to vegetarians and even vegans find a few things that are pleasing to them on the board! 

jungis4545 August 01, 2012 at 10:47 AM
". . . an 'inciting' description of the food." Inciting? Unusual word choice, might incite a riot. . .
Ryan Sartor (Editor) August 01, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Haha, that was a typo. I have changed it to 'enticing.' Good eye, Jungis, I think we've held off the riot!


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