New Music Tuesday: Discover Eleni Mandell

Singer/songwriter Eleni Mandell has been around for over a decade, creating identifiable pop music that ranges from alt-country to standards.

Eleni Mandell is the sort of pop musician that you listen to and wonder why you haven't heard of her before.

From 1999's Jon Brion-produced "Wishbone" through 2009's rocky-heavy "Artificial Fire," every album has seemed like the one that would break through for her, and the effort often showed.

Mainstream success no longer seems to be a concern for Mandell, though. After giving birth to her first child last year, the singer/songwriter is at her most laid-back and confident on new track "Never Have to Fall in Love," summoning the spirit of Patsy Cline in a song that betrays no debt to current pop trends.

If the rest of the songs on Mandell's upcoming release, "I Can See the Future," out July 10th, are this enjoyably propulsive and old-fashioned, in the best sense of the word, music fans will be in for a real treat.


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